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Oct 12, 2020 8:57 AM ET

Best IT Security Tools That You Should Know About

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 12, 2020

Cybersecurity specialists and engineers have a lot of responsibility as they hold the key to the entire network and IT infrastructure of the organization. This means that these guys are responsible to look after routers, cellphones, the network itself as a whole and everything else that is connected to the internet. IoT is making operations more convenient as there are a large number of enterprise devices connected to the internet.

The reason why cybersecurity professionals are part of organizations is that you cannot rely solely on antivirus software. Many attackers use social engineering to get through the entry points of the network. IT security specialists and experts detect and minimize the risk of attacks to a greater extent. Watching different movies, you must be fantasizing that you can simply attach some cables to a certain security camera or any other electronic appliance and tap into infrastructure or hack into the main system. There are numerous hacking movies that you can watch on Cox cable TV that offers Cox cable packages. But honestly, it is not as cool and easy to hack into a database or an IT system as it is depicted. If you are caught committing unnecessary activity, you will be caught a long time. If you are a beginner and want to get familiar with IT security, you can start off by using the following tools:

Ncat or Netcat

This is one of the easy to use tools that can record and view data on a TCP network connection and is very powerful when it comes to the overall working of the network. You can use the tool to scan ports and for port listening as well. Apart from that, you can transfer files by using Netcat as a backdoor to the victim machine and use the tool as a post-exploitation tool. If there are larger or redundant tasks, the software becomes extensible and add scripting.


This is one of the first tools that you might come across when you will be starting your career as a penetration tester. Nmap is an ideal tool that can help you scan and give out detailed information about a target system. You can get information on services, open ports and the operating systems running on a computer. The penetration tester is quite simple, extensible and very flexible and uses a simple command-line interface where you can select different types of scans and add a few flags to choose from. You can perform simple ping scans and also something as rigorous and detailed where you can get detailed reports on ports and service information.


If you are looking forward to using the best tools and network analyzer, Wireshark is one open-source tool that can help you inspect data on a live network and gets your reports in real-time. You can get detailed information on data packets that are broken down into frames and segments. You can also use Wireshark as a packet sniffing tool as well when you get connected on a public network.


This is one of the open-source tools that are used to perform web server scans to perform scans of harmful files, outdated software, installations, and many other things that can be potential vulnerabilities. Using Nikto, you can also get across different index files, installed webserver software, and HTTP server configurations. So many options make Nikto one of the most preferred tools that can be used to conduct web server security audits. All of this and a lot more is now possible when using Nikto.

Final Thoughts

In the current networking environment, almost everybody uses the cloud to store their crucial information. A single cyber-attack can destroy an entire organization, so imagine what it can do to your home, your family, and other things that you hold so dear. So this makes it necessary in the current era in which we not only shop online and perform other tasks without failure and with minimum efforts.

These tools are very useful to test the security level and get you information we have about the network and the way the internet works. Apart from that, people use these tools to test their network and system for vulnerabilities easily.

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