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Oct 8, 2020 11:32 AM ET

Structure and size of the standard full body massage chair of Elipsport Sports Group

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 8, 2020

Body massage chair is an excellent health care device that is gaining in popularity. However, massage chairs also take up a fairly large space in the house. Therefore, many families wonder if there is enough free space for a massage chair or not? The following article will help you answer the questions about the size of the massage chair as well as how much it is made. Buy a full body massage chair at: Ghe massage toan than.

  1. What is the standard massage chair size?

Products with different designs, materials, features, … will have different sizes of massage chairs. However, products that ensure quality and comfort for the user will have sizes within the following standard ranges.

Length of chair in upright state: about 116 cm. Depending on the tilt of each model to decide how long the seat is after reclining. If the entire chair reclines, the maximum length can reach from 186 cm.

Seat width: about 80 cm. The interior width of the chair should be at least 52 cm to accommodate the weight of many people.

The height of the chair in the upright position: ranging from 120 – 125 cm is enough to ensure that the entire body can comfortably stretch on the chair.

This is the size without packaging. So, if you plan to buy a massage chair, you can give specific data on the size of the door, the available space for the chair so that the consultant of Elipsport Sports Group suggests the si

  1. Structure of full body massage chairs like?

In addition to the size of the massage chair, the structure of the massage chair is also interesting to many people. The full body massage chair consists of two main parts: the seat part and the engine part inside. Let’s find out details to learn how to use massage chairs right here.

2.1. Massage chair section

The full body massage chair lines will have the basic parts as shown below.

2.2. The engine part of the massage machine

The massage machine motor is the soul of this device. High-quality motors with advanced technology will help the machine act like the real hands of technicians. Today’s massage technology often uses two main parts: the roller and the airbag.

2.2.1. Massage roller

2.2.1. Airbag massage


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