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Oct 7, 2020 9:45 PM ET

The good electric and beautiful treadmill models of Elipsport Sports Group are the most trusted by customers

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 7, 2020

With the increasing demand for people’s health, exercise support equipment is also born, greatly contributing to the convenience of human life. Elipsport Sports Group is proud to be a manufacturer and trader of modern, quality and prestigious sports equipment that many people trust. Outstanding including the electric treadmill. Let’s take a look at the beautiful, good-priced electric treadmill that customers trust and choose the most today. Don’t forget to visit the website to see more products.

Introducing well-priced electric treadmill in Elipsport

Electric treadmill is a type of equipment that supports effective jogging. The machine uses an electric motor to move the conveyor belt. Instead of having to generate force with the force of human feet, the electric treadmill will use electricity to support the practitioner. Users just need to connect the device to the power source, start up, and choose the right exercises to use. Current electric treadmill includes two types of electric treadmill and single electric treadmill.

Beautiful and good electric treadmill models are trusted by customers the most

2.1. ELIP iE02 single-function electric treadmill

One of the best priced electric treadmills today can not help but mention the ELIP iE02 single-energy treadmill. Although only a single-function model, ELIP Apollo is still confident with its sturdy, beautiful frame design and powerful engine. In addition, this single-function device also allows you to connect to your phone for convenient music playback.

2.2. ELIP 1800 Pro versatile electric treadmill

The next of our most trusted beautiful electric treadmill models that we would recommend to you is the ELIP 1800 Pro versatile treadmill. This machine has an ultra-wide carpet design 2620 x 455mm (DxR), maximum speed up to 17km/h. This treadmill model is also integrated with a folding function, scroll wheel, USB connection port, headphone jack, …

2.3. ELIP Oscar versatile electric treadmill

The next line of Elipsport electric treadmills we introduce to you is the ELIP Oscar versatile electric treadmill. It has a 4.0 super high engine with a maximum speed of up to 18km / h. It also allows automatic elevation of up to 15%. In addition, the machine’s running mat is also super wide 1300 x 480mm, suitable for families with 2 to 5 members.

2.4. ELIP Avenger versatile electric treadmill

The ELIP Avenger electric treadmill is a premium multi-purpose electric treadmill of the Elipsport brand. The machine stands out with a neat, sophisticated design, … bringing dynamism, freshness to users. The machine has an extremely large engine up to 4.0HP and a maximum speed of 18km/h for you to comfortably train like the “superheroes” without worrying about weak machines. The machine also allows automatic elevation up to 15%, giving you a new feeling for the advanced exercises. Moreover, with automatic self-oiling features, the machine lasts longer. The ELIP Avenger treadmill also integrates many outstanding features such as USB port, headphone jack and dynamic Hi-Fi speaker system.


2.5. ELIP Mercury versatile electric treadmill

This is a machine with a very trendy design, and is one of the beautiful and good electric treadmill models that are trusted by customers today. With a strong appearance and super powerful 4.0HP engine, it is guaranteed to make you satisfied. It allows automatic ramping up to 15%, giving you more options for your workouts. To make your exercise more effective, the Elipsport sports group has integrated many more attractive functions such as a lively Hi-Fi speaker system, USB connection, headphone jack, …

2.6. ELIP Artermis single-energy treadmill

The ELIP Artermis electric treadmill is a high-end single-power electric treadmill line of Elipsport brand. The machine is loved by its super-modern, super-sturdy design. With its luxurious white color and attractive design, ELIP Artermis treadmill is proud to be one of the beautiful and good electric treadmill models that are trusted by customers in recent times. Moreover, the machine is also equipped with a super large 6.0 inch control screen, allowing you to easily control, select exercise modes as well as monitor display parameters. The 1400 x 550mm super wide running mat, the advanced suspension system ensure the safety of the user as well as keep the machine durable. The ELIP Artermis electric treadmill also stands out in its 4.0HP engine, with speeds up to 18km/h. See products at: May chay bo dien.

2.7. ELIP Aurora Multi-Purpose Electric Treadmill

Another great option for today’s most trusted electric treadmills cannot be forgotten to mention the ELIP Aurora multi-function electric treadmill. This machine has a 4.0HP engine, maximum speed 18km / h. Along with that is the function of automatic slope lift up to 18%. This is an outstanding exercise machine that you should check out. Machines for families with 2 to 6 people. The anti-shock system of the machine is also a golden plus when combining both forks and springs to ensure that the machine operates smoothly, without bouncing, giving you the safety of training as well as ensuring durability. of the machine. It also has a Bluetooth connection function that controls the treadmill on a very smart phone.


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