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Oct 2, 2020 9:54 AM ET

Bitcoin Trader Review [This Morning] – Read This Before Trading on Official Bitcoin Trader App

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 2, 2020

The volatility of Bitcoin makes trading so exciting! Between the years 2017 and 2018, the highest price of Bitcoin was $19,378 and the lowest was $5,851. The price also fluctuates during the day. And, if you are into intra-day trading in cryptocurrency, you can gain lots of money. You have to trade in Bitcoins through a trading robot or bot. It is not possible to start trading on your own.

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Choosing a suitable trading robot is not easy. You have to choose one that is both modern and trustworthy. You will want one that keeps your money safe. Most of the users use the Bitcoin Trader app for its professional software and safety features. This trading application allows both long and short trades.

When you are trading on this software, you can do CFD trading. CFD trading is like derivative trading. You speculate on the fluctuations of the market and make profits. This means you don’t have to own Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

So it is best to start trading in Bitcoins with the most tried-and-true software, Bitcoin Trader.

About Bitcoin Trader

This trading software has a contemporary algorithm that keeps getting updated regularly to the latest version. Software experts and trade analysts are working on the trading platform to make it the best. This is a cloud-based program, so no special system configuration is necessary. You can open your trading account from any computer or smartphone with an internet connection. You can even access your account on the go.

Bitcoin Trader has many special features that make it unique. You can trade in all profitable cryptocurrencies. This means you can trade in the one that is gaining the most. And with the high leverage trading feature, you can book trades with a margin. You can start at $250 and gain more than your fund.

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How Does Bitcoin Trader Work?

Bitcoin Trader works using a very complex algorithm. The powerful software scans the price fluctuations in all the exchanges and collects the price data for all cryptocurrencies. Then it evaluates the data and finds the profitable trades for you. The charts and trading signals are available on your portal.

You can use the demo account and trade with virtual money to gain experience. Otherwise, you can follow the trading signals and trade in the live market.

There are two options available for live trading – manual trading and auto trading. In auto trading mode, choose the cryptocurrency and the margins. Then let the auto trading software trade for you.

How to Use Bitcoin Trader?


Fill up the simple form on the website. You will get a confirmation email. Open the account opening link from the email. Set a password for your account and start using this beneficial trading platform. The makers charge no joining fee from its users.


To start trading, you have to fund your account. You can start at $250 and increase your funds later. As this platform lets users trade with high leverage, you can gain many times more. All convenient payment modes are available on the website.


After funding your account, you can access all the market analysis, trade signals, and the auto-trading bot. When you use the auto trading bot, you can make profits without working on the software. Just set the criterion of your trade and start making profits.

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Benefits of Bitcoin Trader

Accurate Trading Signals

The software generates accurate trading signals after analysis of the digital currency market. The accuracy is above 99%, so there is no chance of any bad trade.

Time Leap Advantage

The trading platform gives you a time leap advantage. You can be ahead of the other trading platform by 0.01 seconds. This fraction of a second can make a significant difference in cryptocurrency trading. You can trade before anyone else and get more profits.

Easy Withdrawal

You can withdraw your money very fast from your account. Place a request on your account page. Your money credits to your bank in 24 hours. The trading platform charges no commission on withdrawals.

Free Joining

This trading platform charges no joining fees. This trading app is free to join.

Leverage Trading

It allows high leverage trading. You can have little funds but trade using many times more. You book trades on a margin, so you make more profits.

Easy to Access

It is a cloud-based software. So you can access your trading account from anywhere. You will need a computer with an internet connection or a smartphone.

Visit the official Bitcoin Trader Website


What is the risk associated with trading Bitcoins?

There’s a considerable amount of risk involved in trading Bitcoins. But, the Bitcoin Trader software reduces your risk to a negligible percentage. It has a hit rate of 99.4%, so you can be sure that the software only executes profitable trades for you.

Do you need to analyze the market movements?

No, you don’t have to study and analyze the market. Bitcoin Trader is a beginner-friendly trading platform. It does all the work, beginning with researching the market and pulling out profitable trade openings to execute these on your behalf.

Do you hold Bitcoins when you’re trading on the platform?

No, you aren’t holding Bitcoins or any other assets while trading on the Bitcoin Trader software. This is CFD trading wherein the software predicts the future position of the market for you and helps you earn profits.

How much can you expect to win daily?

There’s no limit to the amount of profit you can make. You can expect $13,000 in profits every day.


It is not easy to understand the concepts of Bitcoin trading. Even professional Bitcoin or cryptocurrency investors take years to learn the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency market before they earning profits. For this reason, many of them use the highly accurate Bitcoin Trader software as it generates 99.4% accurate trading signals. So there is no chance of getting your trade wrong.

You can always gain when you are trading on this app. You can pay off your mortgages, book a new car, and go on a dream cruise with the extra money you earn.

If you want financial empowerment, start earning with Bitcoin Trader.


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