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Oct 1, 2020 11:30 AM ET

Advanced Keto Review – Is This Keto Weight Loss Supplement Best? Read My Personal Experience

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 1, 2020

Lockdown had added pounds to my body, and I wanted to lose weight. But having tried dieting once before, I knew that I needed a diet buddy who would motivate me. I called my bestie, who agreed to partner me, and we both went on to choose a diet plan.
“Several celebrities swear by the keto diet”, I told her and she looked interested.
If it is good enough for celebrities, it is good for us mortals too!

“It’s a low-carb diet. We need to cut back on pasta and pizza. I think we can do it” she said.
And we embarked on our fat loss journey with a prayer that this diet wouldn’t leave us drained of energy. We also decided to supplement our diet with something that would speed up the process.

A quick search took us to the Advanced Keto website. Further research armed us with the knowledge that this supplement helps the body achieve Ketosis quickly. We knew that with this supplement and with the keto diet, we would soon achieve our weight loss goal.

What Exactly is Keto?

Keto works on the premise that our body should burn fat for energy and not store it. But, it is in the habit of storing fat and burning carbs, which are more readily available, because our food mainly consists of carbs. To force the body to use fat instead of carbs for energy, we need to change our diet. A ketogenic diet cuts down most of the carbs, except for the bare minimum, and replaces it with fat. The quantity of proteins in the diet is also high.

You would need to use a minimal amount of carbs, followed by proteins and then fat – in the ratio of 5:20:75. For people like us, used to eating copious amounts of carbs, this sounded like an unhealthy diet, but the experts say that when you cut down on carbs, your body will have no option but to turn to fat for energy. You need to cut out sugar too, including fruits, since they contain a lot of sugar.

It takes about a week of strictly following this diet for your body to enter Ketosis. When it achieves Ketosis, it starts burning fat, and you start losing weight.

It may seem like an easy diet, but decreasing carbohydrate intake is easier said than done. You would be letting go of a lifetime of habits!

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About Advanced Keto

Advanced Keto is a Ketosis boosting supplement that aids weight loss in as little as 30 days. This supplement is so safe that celebrities, doctors, and even nutritionists support it. It contains Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which helps the body convert fat into energy. As it is a dietary supplement, it does not have to be approved by the FDA.

Ingredients in Advanced Keto

The key ingredient used in Advanced Keto dietary supplement is BHB. Here is a detailed list of all the ingredients used, including BHB –

BHB Salts – This is the most essential and primary ingredient in Advanced Keto supplement. It helps the body burn fat and enhances metabolism. It also pushes the body into a state of Ketosis fast and brings about quick results. The benefits of full-spectrum BHB salts in this product are – antioxidant support, enhanced energy, fat-burning, appetite curbing, fight bloating, metabolism-boosting, and releasing toxins.

Garcinia Cambogia – This is a key ingredient in several weight loss supplements. The rind of this fruit, which grows in Southeast Asia and India, contains Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and is used to treat joint pains and stimulate weight loss. Research suggests that the HCA present in this ingredient curbs appetite and prevents fat storage – both ideal conditions to lose weight. Besides, it also increases post-exercise endurance, giving energy to the body.

Green Tea with ECGC – This ingredient naturally detoxifies the body, flushing out toxins. It promotes healthy digestion and weight loss.

Extract of Green Coffee – Green coffee has lately been in the news for its benefits. It is touted as the next big thing in weight loss after it shot to fame in “The Dr. Oz Show.” It is known to boost energy levels and ignite metabolism. It also discourages weight gain, ignites the body’s fat-burning capacity, and fights antioxidants.

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How Does Advanced Keto Work?

Advanced Keto supplement contains BHB, which targets the fat cells in the body. It gets the body into Ketosis and releases fat cells, converting them to energy. If you on a keto diet, your body will take a long time to obtain Ketosis. The introduction of external ketones speeds up the process, and your body begins to burn fat cells for its energy. Here are the steps in which Advanced Keto works –

Stops the Body From Storing Fat – Our current diet consists of massive quantities of carbohydrates. The body is in the habit of using carbs for energy because they are more readily available. It stores fat for those rainy days when carbs are scarce. The stored fat becomes physically visible in the form of tires in the waist and thighs. The only way to get rid of these tires is when the body burns the stored fat, and this is possible only when it obtains Ketosis.

Convert Fat To Energy – When your body is in Ketosis, it is burning fat instead of carbs to obtain energy. Without external help, it is hard to get into Ketosis – not that it is impossible. It just takes a long time. Using Advanced Keto helps the body obtain Ketosis quickly and get into a fat-burning state faster.

Additional Health Benefits – Advanced Keto contains BHB, an ingredient that instantly supports Ketosis by getting the body to burn fat. Carbs are not the ideal energy source, rather fat is, and when the body is in Ketosis, it burns fat, giving you more energy. Mental clarity also improves as BHB has hydrophilic properties, enabling it to enter the brain and provide it with energy.

What Happens When You Use Advanced Keto?

When you use Advanced Keto capsules regularly, the following happens:

Even after achieving your goal, you need to continue taking the supplement for at least five more months so that Advanced Keto can work to curb your appetite and maintain the current weight.

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Benefits of Advanced Keto

Side Effects of Advanced Keto

The side effects documented are only those of a keto diet. These are:

Nothing in Advanced Keto supplement will cause these symptoms, which are temporary. The will vanish when the body gets used to this diet.


One bottle of Advanced Keto contains 60 capsules, which is the dosage for one month. The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules in a day.

Where Can I Purchase Advanced Keto and at What Cost?

The manufacturer has made this supplement available on it’s Official website. The price details of Advanced Keto are given below:

Shipping is free on all packages.

What Happens If I Am Not Happy With The Results?

If you are not happy with the results of the product, you can opt for a refund.
Yes! The manufacturer offers a 90-day return and refund guarantee on all packages. The company states that it is so confident of the product and the results that it backs it up with a money-back policy. If you are not happy with the results, then return the purchase in its original packing within 3 months or 90 days from the date of receipt of the order. You get the entire spent amount back and without any hassles.


Is this product approved by the FDA?
As this is a dietary supplement, Advanced Keto is not approved by the FDA.

Will I be covered under the refund policy if I order from Amazon?
No. The refund policy is applicable only for those products that have been purchased from the brand’s website.

What are exogenous ketones?
Exogenous ketones are usually found in keto supplements that help put your body in Ketosis.

Customer Testimonials

Advanced keto is the best product for Ketosis. I got my body fat tested before I started using this supplement, and it was 26%. After using it for 4 months, I got the body fat tested again, and it was down to 16%.” Darin

“My sister used Advanced Keto and had amazing success. I also started losing those extra pounds caused due to lockdown. I was shocked when I lost 13 lbs in just one month!” Isabella

What is the Verdict?

It is clear that Advanced Keto lives up to expectations. The manufacturer has a commitment to maintain the product’s high quality and provide what they promise. They do so with the utmost integrity. Advanced Keto is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

If you have been trying to lose weight, try Advanced Keto once. You have nothing to lose except the excess weight and everything to gain, including good health.

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