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Tissue Paper 2020 Global Market Demand, Growth Opportunities and Top Key Players Analysis Report

iCrowdNewswire   Sep 30, 20208:42 PM ET

Tissue Paper Market 2020

Tissue papers products such as paper towels, napkins, toilet rolls and much more are widely used for household applications. Paper tissue products are widely used due to their easy availability, biodegradability and recyclability. These characteristics provide an edge over plastics and textiles products. It proves to be much more hygienic as well. Global market has seen upward rise due to rise in Restaurants, Bars and Cafés, as well as, Healthcare facilities. People are becoming concerned about hygiene, and they rely on Tissue paper as it is affordable and contamination chance is less. The global tissue paper market can expect substantial growth in the coming years.

However, growing concern about saving the environment has regulated its production. Vendors are investing in recycling technologies. They are also taking up the fight to illegal loggers, asking their suppliers to adhere to strict regulations, helping to maintain the forests. Water being the main component in this industry, manufacturers are trying various new methods to reduce the use by installing wastewater management system. Such actions are expected to play in favor of the global tissue paper market.

Market Segment by Top Manufacturers, this report covers
APP(Sinar Mas Group)
Procter & Gamble
Hengan International
Metsa Group
ICT- industrie
C & S

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To understand the potential of the Global Tissue paper market, it can be segmented by Product and Application type.
Based on the Product type, the tissue paper market can be identified as Toilet Paper, Kitchen and Hand Towels, Napkin, Facial Tissues and Others. Toilet Paper is used to clean oneself after urination or defecation. It usually comes as a roll. Kitchen and Hand Towels are used as cleaning materials for utensils, kitchen top etc. Napkin is mainly used in Cafés, restaurants and bars. Increasing number of restaurants and café’s have ensured its rise in demand. Facial tissues are soft tissue papers that are gentle on skin, used as facial wipes and comes in as wet and dry tissues.

Although the product remains same, the Tissue Paper can be segmented by its application as In-Home use, Away from Home use and Special Tissue Paper, for better understanding of its market positioning. Toilet Paper, Handkerchief and facial tissue and paper towels are used as in-home tissue paper. Away from Home use – Tissues used to maintain hygiene and cleanliness while being away from home, examples are paper towels, napkins, dispensers etc. Special Tissue papers can be used as wrapping medium as well as crepe paper for decoration purpose.

Regional Analysis:
The Global Tissue Paper market can be segmented depending on the geographical positions – North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Asia Pacific Countries (APAC).

North America is driving the market as investments in Healthcare and Food & Beverage sectors are observing a rise. Hygiene and cleanliness drive is also fueling its growth. European countries are also witnessing a similar rise in the Tissue Paper market. APAC countries are contributing to the market using their huge population as a market factor. It is expected to provide a significant market growth in the household market section.

Some of the important players in the global tissue paper market are Orchids Tissue Paper, Pudumjee Paper Products, Grigeo AB, WEPA group, Metsa Tissue, Lamix etc. and others.

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