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Motivating your team in hard times

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 29, 2020

Currently, as the world is facing so many challenges and changes, organizations are also suffering a lot. A change in their environment, working style, has not only affected the employers, but the employees have also been affected adversely. Due to this pandemic, employees are forced to work from home, and this makes them feel demotivated, stressed, and frustrated. Working from home along with handling all the household chores, managing kids, etc. is not easy, also creating an office-like environment at home isn’t possible. This further makes employees less motivated. The challenges are being faced by both employees and employers and freakish.

But as a team leader, it becomes the duty of the employer to keep the team motivated during these hard times. If you fail to do so, then the stress and anxiety levels of the team may grow and this will have a powerful and disastrous impact on your organization.

Today, we are here with some ways to keep your employees motivated even in these hard times.

Ways to motivate employees

Communication is the key

Effective communication is the key to motivate employees. Communicate any changes, any amendments to your employees, as this will make them feel involved. You can arrange meetings over voice or video call with your employees to take regular updates and to update them as well. Regular and clear communication is very important especially when there are new changes by management like budget cuts, changes in salary, new provisions, and new plans brought to adapt to the changes, etc.

Your employees would need your support in their work, and make sure that they don’t feel helpless, highlight the fact that you are just one call away and they can contact you anytime.

If you do not communicate effectively with the employees, they can be mis-leaded, they may fall prey to rumors, or may make wrong conclusions. A wave of negativity may prevail and productivity shall suffer.

Praise your team

Praise the work of your team at regular intervals. At times of crises, you may not be able to reward your team with financial incentives, but you can praise their work enthusiastically to boost their morale. While our work style and work environment have changed, similarly, minute changes can be brought here as well. For instance, if you would have been in the office, you would have either gathered your team to appreciate their work, or you would have just walked to their desk. Now when all are working from home, you can schedule a meeting over video call and praise the work of your team. Your virtual acts of praise will motivate your team so make sure that you sound sincere and true, arranging a video call and appreciating employees with a smile will be more effective.


Staying positive is very crucial in hard times. And making your employees feel positive is also very crucial. Along with taking regular updates from your team about their work and reports, tell them about the new deals you are signing, or how the company benefited from their work. You can also have some informal communication, like what you do in the evening, you can ask the same from them, discuss their routines at home, take feedback from them, ask them how their work-life balance is affected in these times, etc. For instance, you can encourage the team to have a get together in the evening, you can arrange virtual games, or a virtual lunch, etc. You can find new ways to continue your informal communication and bond that you shared in the office.

Besides this, you need to stay positive during these tough times. The situation is stressful for you as well, but make sure that you don’t depict it through your body language or facial expressions.

Upgrade the skills of your team

You can make use of this time to upskill your employees. You can ask your team about their areas of problem in which they need proper training. While you won’t be able to arrange a proper training session because of budget constraints, you can simply have training and discussion on a video call, arrange webinars, encourage employees to listen to podcasts, take part in various webinars, etc. You can make use of free online tools to mentor your students.

Working on your personal development and encouraging your team to upskill will make you and your team ready for the future. The fact that their organization cares for them and takes initiative for their development will make them motivated and more dedicated to the organization.

Freedom to set routines

The next important point to be considered is to let them balance their work and personal life. Now as they will be working at home, and must have set a routine for themselves. To keep them motivated, let them work according to their comfort, ensure that their working hours are not increased, and don’t pressurize them to follow a particular routine till the time they are meeting their targets. Motivate your employees to work in an environment away from loud noises, kids, TV, etc to avoid any distractions. These guidelines can be set by the organization.

Include your team in decision making

Including your team in decision making is another way of keeping your team positive and motivated. If there are certain areas where you are not able to jump to a conclusion, you can take the opinions of your team. Before making any decision, you can decide with your team first, this will enhance their leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and they will feel connected to the organization and stay motivated as well. For more ideas on how to motivate your employees, you can visit

If you want to keep your team motivated, you need to do extraordinary things. You need to give them more power to decide for themselves, they will be worried about 3about the future, help them see a clear and big picture, and discuss long term plans with your team. The happiness of the team will be reflected in the results.


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