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Best RSS Readers and News Aggregation Apps

iCrowdNewswire   Sep 29, 20202:45 PM ET

With so many websites that publish news and feeds, it may be difficult for users to switch between them to read everything they need. Luckily, there are special applications that can be used for gathering all the news in a single place.

You can try to develop a news aggregation app yourself, and you will find useful recommendations on this topic by following the link However, if you want to know which of the already available products are the most convenient ones, check out the list of the options below.


This popular application is highly rated by users. It is one of the useful RSS readers that feature a modern design and helpful customer support. Also, it has an abundance of features.


This modern and high-quality application can be considered a worthy competitor to Feedly. This application can be used as both an RSS reader and a news aggregation tool. It supports 50 more sources than its main competitor. In fact, both applications come with a similar design, but the layout of this one allows for quicker navigation due to its compactness. In the app, there is a built-in player that you can use to enjoy audio while going through the newsfeed.


ContentStudio is an effective tool that can be used for searching and looking through the preferred content on the Internet. The app has an intuitive design that allows for easy navigation and use. All the newest posts will be displayed first. Users can see not only headlines of articles but also images, which makes it easier to grasp what the text is about before reading it. Currently, the application checks for new feeds every 20 min, but with the help of the necessary updates, a preferred time can be set.


It is a decent RSS reader application packed with plenty of features. Unlike many other similar applications, it is ad-free. Users can also subscribe to content that they prefer. This way, they will stay tuned about important things without spending their attention on irrelevant articles.

There are two modes of the application that users can opt for — minimizing and expanding content. In the first mode, you will only see the headlines. To get access to more detailed information about the article, you will need to use a large view.


It is an irreplaceable tool for those who wish to monitor both websites and social feeds. Users will receive updates on changes on various platforms, including Twitter and Reddit among others. In just a few clicks, you will be able to connect your accounts on social media platforms to follow your preferred webpages and channels.


It is somewhat similar to Flowreader. Thanks to this application, you will also collect data from various sources, including Blogs, Sites, YouTube, and others. It will not only search for the feeds preferred by you but also give you helpful recommendations on what to have a look at. It can also be successfully integrated into a large variety of social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others.


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