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What nuances do you need to consider and know?

iCrowdNewswire   Sep 28, 2020  9:50 AM ET

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a bedroom color:

Psychological perception

This room should be conducive to relaxation, so it is important that you not only like the colors but they should help you to relax. If, for example, you like only red, make the color of the walls in the bedroom a desaturated, delicate scarlet tone.

Room area

In the question of what color to choose in the bedroom, consider its size. Saturated and dark tones will visually reduce the space, while cold and light tones will expand it.


If there is not enough light in the sleeping room, make the walls light. There are many finishing materials on the market that can create a beautiful play of light in both daylight and artificial lighting.

Design trends

Actual design techniques – one dominant color in the room; two bedroom’s colors and blotches of other colors; a room in one color, but with different shades.

Selection of patterns and textures

Suitable colors for the bedroom and their combinations

Among the entire palette, we offer you options for the most suitable colors for the bedroom, taking into account the research of scientists on their effect on the psychological state.

Basic colors


Many people associate white with purity, harmony, and goodness. It suits almost all people.

A bedroom in white looks elegant and stylish. Visually, the room will appear larger, especially in combination with glossy coatings and beveled mirrors.


Among all shades of gray, a light tone and close to silver is suitable for this room. A bedroom in gray colors will embody restraint and elegance. To keep a gray bedroom from looking dull, combine it with another more expressive color.

It is advisable to make bright accents. For example, bedroom curtains can be deep purple or pink.


A bedroom in brown colors will evoke associations with nature and soothe if there is not too much of it. It is often expressed in the form of wooden products. It is better to use it in a bright and large bedroom. Brown goes well in a sleeping room with green, pink, white and blue.


An unobtrusive beige will suit almost all people and interiors. It does not distract attention and at the same time gives a feeling of harmony and tranquility. The actual solution is a bedroom in beige colors of different shades. The color of the ceiling in the bedroom is often made beige. Successful combinations with brown are peach, milky and white.


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