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Sep 28, 2020 9:16 AM ET

How to Get More LinkedIn Likes Using Content Marketing

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 28, 2020

Are you tired of getting no or few likes on LinkedIn? No worries, you can boost your likes and viewer engagement through content marketing. Yes, content marketing is a powerful tool that can help you get more viewers and attract more people towards your business. But you need to do everything in the right way. Today, we will show you the ways to get more likes on LinkedIn using content marketing. Stay with us; you will be able to skyrocket the number of likes

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Create Engaging Content On LinkedIn

The first and most important thing in content marketing is your content. No matter whatever you want to achieve, your content should be up to the mark and relevant to achieve the desired goals. If you are creating content for brand awareness, then tell people the difference between your business/brand and others, the unique services that you provide, and why you are better. People love to see new things and unique content, so be creative and bring something new.

You need to decide which type of content you need. The content can be simple text, images, images+text, and videos. You need to select the appropriate one that aligns with your goals. Once you have decided on the type of content, you can try to find out ways to make it appealing. If you are writing a post with text only, then add expression, emojis, and try to be natural and conversational. If you are going with images, then add attractive colors, catchy heading, and use images in the image to illustrate the idea.

The content should be engaging so that the reader or viewer can stay until the end.

Share it on LinkedIn Groups

The most important thing to increase the number of likes is increasing the reach. In short, for more likes, the content should reach more people. The easiest way of increasing the reach is groups. If you want more likes, then you need to send the content in different groups. There are groups of LinkedIn that can be used for sharing.

You need to select a similar group according to your content, and then you can share it. Moreover, you can also create your own groups and make a huge network. The people in the group will see video or read the content and leave their feedback in terms of likes and comments.

Reach Out Individually Who Are Active On LinkedIn

Reaching out to a person can be very helpful. If you think someone in your contact would love to read or see your content, you should share it. You can write a private message or use LinkedIn InMail. You need to be careful while doing this because it could sound like spam. So, make sure to personalize the message and make it clear.

It should be in a way that you are sharing something that could be useful for the person. If it is useful, the person will surely get back to you or leave feedback.

Ask Employees to Share Content on LinkedIn

The employees of a company can help in promoting the content. They only need to share the content with their network and share their experience. It will be a great idea to reach more people.

Share on Other Social Media Platforms

You can also share the content on other platforms. There are many social media platforms that can be used for sharing content. You can also answer relevant questions on different forums and attach the link to your content at the bottom.

It will give your content more reach and likes. Sharing on other platforms means targeting more people, which will increase the number of likes. You can easily find groups and forums related to your business or content where you can share things. You can also use blogs and websites, such as medium, to promote the content.

Ask for Like, Comments, and Shares on LinkedIn

If you want likes, comments, and shares, you need to ask. You might have seen people asking for shares, likes, and comments in videos and posts. This compels the reader or viewer to do the same. You will get more likes and shares. Thus, it’s better to ask for it at the end of the content.


Indeed, it is difficult to get likes on LinkedIn, but you can do it through content marketing. If you do content marketing in the right way, you will get more likes. First, you need to create appropriate and engaging content, and then you need to share it. We have shared some methods that can help you get more likes. You can choose a few of them that suit your content and goals.


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