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French chic in the interior: the art of eclecticism

iCrowdNewswire   Sep 28, 2020  9:55 AM ET

Fashionable, elegant, sophisticated, and practical – these are the epithets that characterize this style. There is no room for deliberate luxury and excessiveness. The design is based on an eclectic combination of elements of Provence, classic, modern, and minimalism in a clear picture with recognizable features.

Modern French apartments: charm and moderation

Color spectrum

The main technique in the selection of the palette: one color is taken as a basis, and it is complemented with similar shades, without abrupt transitions. For example, beige, sandy, coffee are added to the dominant brown. If the accent color is white, the design includes cream, ash white, light beige, coffee with milk.

Calm pastel colors from pearl pink to gray-lilac look organically. Popular colors are white, gray, pink-coral. They will look especially beautiful in spacious rooms with good natural light. The absence of stark contrasts will make the decor subtle, while the combination of muted colors and rich finishes of antique furniture will add charm to the design.

The modern French style in interior design is spacious, well-lit rooms, carefully selected composition of antique furniture, rich textiles, forged details, crystal lamps. An eclectic and balanced combination of techniques from modern, Provence, and classics helps to combine attractive luxury and comfortable simplicity.


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