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Backing Up Your VM: What Software Do You Need?

iCrowdNewswire   Sep 28, 2020  1:45 AM ET

Hyper-V recovery and backup require reliable software solutions to secure your data. Otherwise, all your good intentions and hard efforts could be wasted. Fortunately, the market has many reliable solution providers offering different apps to back up your virtual machines. You only need to find out which ones are most suitable for your current and future backup needs.

Our recommendation is to choose wisely based on what each solution offers you at every level. Read on to find out the five leading application providers you may utilize in backing up your virtual computers.

Nakivo Free VM Backup and Replication

We start our journey at NAKIVO. This company has a reliable, robust, steady, and highly affordable tool you can optimize to protect your data in VMware virtual computers, Hyper-V, and other virtualized ecosystems. So far, over 10,000 businesses use it in backing up, replicating, and recovering their data affordably. Also, over 140 hosting and cloud service suppliers use Nakivo software to serve their clients.

You can use it to boost your VMware backup execution, enhance your backup stability, and fast-track your data recoveries. Thus, utilizing this software can save you time and money. It also has a free edition to test the waters before choosing to go for its premium version.

Unitrends Backup Free Edition

Unitrends is another supplier you can use to boost your uptime, production levels, and confidence in the IT world. This solution is ideal for IT professionals who want to integrate hardware and software engineering. Thus, users can do more with limited time because Unitrends enables them to focus on their work. It also offers a free software version that can protect up to 1 TB of data for Hyper-V users and VMware VMs. Notably, this edition doesn’t pose any limit on how many VMs or sockets one can use.

Altaro VM Backup

Although this company is still new to the market, it offers solutions necessary and beneficial for storing your virtual computers. Its software focuses on Hyper-V, but it’s also beneficial for other virtualized platforms. Businesses may also optimize this application to perform off-site backups. You can install it on Windows servers as a virtual or hardware machine. Also, its free edition lets you back up two machines, and it has a one-month trial period. It restores full virtual computers and individual files in them. Don’t forget that it’s useful for undertaking incremental, copy, and full VM backups. You may also utilize it to store and replicate data on-site and off-site.

Uranium Backup Pro Virtual

If you are ready to back up your virtual PCs, this application is an ideal option worth considering. It can back up VMware and Hyper-V PCs, replicate and recover VMware machines. Moreover, it’s beneficial for undertaking unlimited backups.

The Uranium product can back up information on any PC within your network and create file images for future restoration. It’s also ideal when you need to back up your data incrementally and speed up your copying processes while minimizing your disk space usage.

Never forget you can also utilize its replication feature to recover your VMs instantly following a disaster. You may also use it with other cloud backup solutions like Google Drive. Those who love free trials before buying can test the software for 21 days.

Veeam Backup Community Edition

Lastly, we look at Veeam as another tool you may utilize to back up your virtual computers. It’s useful in backing up both Hyper-V and VMware PCs. It lets you create full virtual machine backups. It also supports Windows and Linux virtual computers. You may also use it to recover data from your backups, perform full restorations, and recover your files. It’s suitable for recovering individual files and entire virtual machines when necessary.

Moreover, Veeam can support a tape library. Remember, you can also utilize it in performing file-level recovery from snapshots.

There you go with the five leading solutions you can use in backing up your virtual machines. We hope this information will benefit you as you choose the most appropriate product for your backup needs.


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