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Youngstown Residents Turn to Malloy Funding for Debt Relief Plan

iCrowdNewswire   Sep 24, 2020  2:15 PM ET

Many people attribute their financial problems to insufficient income. This is only partially true. The issue may be slightly more complex because human psychology plays a significant role in making and managing money.

Often people who struggle with finances may be unwilling to change. They may be unwilling to improve their earnings, change how they spend their money or eliminate their bad financial habits.

If, for instance, you’re struggling with a credit card balance, it’s unreasonable to blame it on a poor economy or the high cost of living. You’re also partially responsible. There is a disconnect between how much you’re earning and how much you’re spending. You may not be earning well below your potential, spending too much, or not paying enough attention to balancing your income with expenses.

So one answer to money problems is to improve how you think about money and change your lifestyle to suit your earnings. If you are spending more than you earn, you need to change this equation. You either need to decrease your spending or increase your earnings. You could also cut down on your expenses and improve your income.

If you’re struggling with money, here are some ways to change your financial situation:

Ease Your Debt Burden

If you’re like many residents of Ohio, your credit card balances may be out of control. One way to correct this uncomfortable situation is to get a debt consolidation loan.

This type of debt-restructuring loan will help you combine your many high-interest debts into a single monthly payment. Using this method will make it easier for you to pay off your debts sooner rather than later.

Debt consolidation is combining all your loans, such as your payday loans and car loans, and all your bills, such as your medical bills and your credit cards, into a single debt that you will gradually pay off every month.

When shopping for a debt consolidation loan, you should look for low rates, flexible terms, and other consumer-friendly features. has a long history of helping customers with consolidating their debts. Their professional staff strives to build a relationship with you as they guide you through the debt repayment process. You can see videos on YouTube that explain how this business can help you ease your debt burden and slowly eliminate debt from your life.

Get More Tax Breaks

Because of a complex tax code, you may unwittingly leave hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars on the table whenever you file taxes every year.

Many Ohioans make this common mistake because they are not even aware of their tax savings.

One way to increase your tax breaks is to track your expenditures more closely and to collect and organize all your receipts. Then, rather than doing your own taxes, hire an accountant who has an excellent reputation for spotting possible tax deductions and tax credits

Earn More, Spend Less

Improving your earning-to-spending ratio will change your life for the better!

You need to spend less than you earn. Although it’s old advice, it’s often repeated because few people follow it.

One reason this old saw doesn’t get the respect it deserves is that it’s difficult to learn how to spend wisely. Consequently, some people live like misers, depriving themselves of many of the things that will improve the quality of their lives. Meanwhile, other people live like the dollar is going out of style, spending all they earn, and a little bit more through credit cards.

Here are three tips for becoming a smarter spender: 

  1. Limit your expenses to buying things that add to the quality of your life.
  2. Get better at comparison shopping. You can often find the same product or a similar product at a lower price.
  3. Learn when it’s best to lease, subscribe, or buy outright. Depending on your circumstances and the product or service, one option may be the most economical one.

To sum up, your finances will change for the better when you make a few changes. Slashing your debt, maximizing your tax breaks, and spending less than you earn will increase your financial stability.


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