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iCrowdNewswire   Sep 24, 2020  8:13 PM ET

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA.   Paerosol LLC, Steve Gareleck and Scott Alderson are facing a Civil Racketeering (“Civil RICO”) Lawsuit alleging they defrauded “investors, distributors and end-use customers.”

The Complaint alleges: “This case involves the years-long scheme to defraud investors, distributors and end-use customers through the illicit use of purported intellectual property rights. Here, Defendants Gareleck and Alderson claim to be in the business of bringing a technology to market which will revolutionize environmental paradigms and provide a clean, safe and effective way to remove pathogens such as the Covid-19 Virus from air without the use of chemicals.  And while the science behind the technology is truly breathtaking and inspiring, Defendants Gareleck and Alderson use the allure of what is possible with the technology to attract investors and “strategic partners” with “exclusive” agreements which are anything but exclusive and only strategic to suit their own purposes.  Defendants Gareleck and Alderson also “sell” machines to end-users in the United States and other countries for thousands of dollars, yet, they know these units aren’t fully functional due to issues with their compressor systems – issues which these Defendants have no capacity, technical expertise or motivation to fix.”

Scott Alderson

The Complaint further alleges that  “Defendant Gareleck and Alderson’s “business” arrangements and agreements are a fraudulent tool not only to defraud monetarily, but they are intentionally created to weaponized contractual terms to hide these Defendants’ well-kept secret – that they do not have the ability, the capability, the capital or the intention to manufacture working Micro-Aerosol Generators (“MAG”) that they take money to “build.”

The Complaint also alleges: “unbeknownst to unsuspecting investors and end users, Defendants Gareleck and Alderson have built a spiderweb of corporations, including but not limited to WAAG, NanoClear, GFS, LAV, Junction, Infinite, Capital, Telcentrex, National Tennis, Maves, Clean Earth, GFS Global, GFS International, GFS Investments, CMG and others in several states in order to hide the breadth and scope of their schemes to defraud which fund their extravagant lifestyles and the businesses which keep their schemes in place.”

The filed Complaint goes on to allege: “Defendant Gareleck and Alderson’s pattern and practice is to use bogus “exclusive distribution agreements” to lure in their victims which contain non-compete and non-disclosure provisions. Once a victim signs and pays their initial deposit or makes payment on a purchase order, Defendants Gareleck and Alderson begin their dance of excuses as to why machines have not been delivered. At the same time, they attempt to alter the terms of the Agreement.  And, when the victim complains or starts to dig further, Defendants Gareleck and Alderson threaten their victims with relentless litigation with “teams of litigators” which will hold things up for “years.”

Steven Gareleck

This is a Notice to Witnesses seeking information as to the allegations and claims in this case.  The quotes above are directly from the allegations in the lawsuit or other court filings and there has been no determination as to such alleged claims as the date of this Notice.

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