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iCrowdNewswire Sep 17, 2020 3:23 PM ET

The 4 Best HubSpot Alternatives for Your Small Business

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 17, 2020

Running a business in this day and age is filled with many opportunities. Yet, at the same time, there are many challenges as well. A small business may sometimes get lost in the crowd of businesses that are coming, going, and growing every single day. How do you hold your own and show your audience that you mean business? For this, one would have to realize that there are many tools and technologies available at our disposal today – far more than what we had even ten or fifteen years ago. These tools have made it possible to sift through the competition and make a genuine mark.

CRM and automation are the two major tools that have shaped the current style of doing business and the best practices that an entrepreneur can undertake. There are many sales and marketing teams the world over that have embraced CRM and automation of marketing and sales along with sales analysis and other tracking tools. The interesting thing here is that these tools are now becoming mainstream, which has given us many HubSpot competitors.

In case you are wondering what HubSpot is, you would be interested to know that it is one of the pioneering names that first brought out CRM and automation way back in 2006. In due course, the brand added a number of other features and tools to its original suite of service. Yet, there were many gaps that it could not fill even as demand for similar services began to grow manifold. Hence, we can see many HubSpot alternatives in the market today. Further, there are many HubSpot alternatives that cater to specific niches and industries so as to create customized solutions and platforms for their patrons and the audiences that they want to rope in.

So, how would you know if your small business needs a HubSpot alternative – or CRM? Here is a quick guide:

These are just a few signs that your small business needs a HubSpot alternative in order to grow and stay afloat. Here are the 4 best HubSpot competitors for you to consider for your small business in the year 2020:

  1. EngageBay: This platform comes fully loaded with many features for CRM, Omnichannel automation, data-driven campaigns, and complete support from leads to conversions along with analysis and tracking. With features like that, it would be hard to ignore this HubSpot alternative, but there is more to the story. You can get all these features at super affordable prices and even upgrade with much ease thanks to the constant support offered by the platform.
  2. SendInBlue: This platform or HubSpot competitor basically offers you many templates and forms that can help you with your email marketing needs. Yet, for any other kind of automation, you would need to integrate additional tools at an additional cost. Therefore, it may not be the best option.
  3. Aritic PinPoint: This platform would help you with your CRM and automation needs by giving you a per desk organization as well as email support. This platform too does not offer many widespread features and it cannot be compared to evolved platforms like EngageBay.
  4. GetResponse: With Get Response, you will have a HubSpot competitor that allows you to engage your customers via email. Now, as we all know, there are many other channels where this kind of engagement would be required and hence, this might not be the most wholesome option.

All in all, EngageBay seems like the best option in terms of the features, the pricing, and the support that it offers.


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