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Sep 16, 2020 4:52 PM ET

What Every Woman Should Know About C-Section 

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 16, 2020

Having a baby is a blessing but the entire process that a woman needs to undergo to deliver a healthy child can be quite challenging. Some are fortunate enough to undergo a natural vaginal birth.


However, there are instances wherein the need for a cesarean section (C-section) is inevitable. In terms of the latter, below are the things that you need to know about a C-section.

What is a C-section?

A C-section is the process of making an incision in the abdominal and uterine areas to deliver a baby. In some cases, the procedure can be planned, while in other instances, it is done because of immediate needs. Planned C-sections are considered because of various factors such as with a breech position of the baby or high blood pressure of the mother.

Unplanned C-sections, on the other hand, happen during emergencies that may be necessary if the baby is already in distress or if the labor fails to progress normally. If not done immediately, a delayed c section may result in birth defects, or even worse, it may cost the lives of both the mother or child. Thus, a doctor needs to ensure that he doesn’t miss any health problem symptoms in both the mother and the baby.

What to do before a C-section

To prepare for a C-section, it is best to restrict yourself to solid foods at least eight hours before the procedure. In some instances, you will be asked to shower with a special soap that can kill the bacteria on your skin before the operation to minimize the risk of infection. You don’t have to shave your stomach or your pubic area because if needed, the nurse will be the one to do it for you. As much as possible, discuss with your doctor how the incision will be made, as well as how you will be able to manage the pain afterward.

What to do after a C-section

After a C-section, make sure that you take lots of rest because after all, it is a major surgical procedure. This means avoiding lifting anything heavy other than your baby. Some of the things that you can expect after the surgery include vaginal discharge and afterpains, as well as breast swelling and soreness. For you to heal faster, make sure to support your stomach even as you sneeze, cough, or laugh. There is also the option for you to use a heating pad that is set on low or a warm washcloth to help ease the pain around your belly.

To wrap things up, it is a good idea to do extensive research before you give birth to ensure that you have ample knowledge in case you need to undergo a C-section. In this way, you will know what to expect during the procedure. This will also give you a good idea of how you can properly take care of yourself after giving birth. All these are geared towards ensuring that you will have a safe and healthy delivery.


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