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Sep 11, 2020 12:59 PM ET

Why Pollution is Increasing Day by Day?

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 11, 2020

In this modern era, several modern technologies, methodologies, and gadgets are evolving at increasing speed. All new technologies have made social life more accessible and comfortable. But, this revolution of the world has led to one of the most severe issues, the pollution. Along with the industrial revolution, the increase in social civilization is equally responsible for rising pollution. Today, humans are adopting advanced methodologies for the fulfilment of their needs and demands.

Several human activities are responsible for progressing pollution. Air pollution is rising due to the emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere. The factories’ harmful and toxic residue flow into the oceans, rivers, and seas, resulting in water pollution. The growing deforestation and increasing use of non-decomposable objects have resulted in land and soil pollution. Noise pollution is rising as many new gadgets, vehicles, etc. are developing.

Causes of Pollution:
Pollution has several adverse influences on human life and the environment. Now, let us focus on the causes of each type of pollution:

1. Air Pollution:
Air pollution implies contamination of air by releasing harmful gases, like carbon dioxide, methane, and many others. The atmosphere is comprised of oxygen and nitrogen in very high amounts, which are essential for humans, plants, and animals.

One of the significant sources of carbon dioxide is greenhouse gases. Also, gases coming out of the factories contain toxic chemicals. Exposure of these poisonous chemicals with atmospheric gases results in air pollution. Another cause of air contamination is the smoke released out from vehicles. Earth reminder covers more if your are curious.

2. Water Pollution:
Water pollution is hazardous for humans as well as animals. Industries release out waste into the rivers, oceans, and seas. This activity pollutes water. This waste can be anything, like chemicals, metals, plastics, etc. As the human residents are increasing, the pollution is also rising extensively.

Additionally, home or domestic waste is the primary cause of water pollution. In the agricultural sector, farmers use pesticides to keep their crops safe. But, the farm waste is again disposed of in rivers, oceans, causing air pollution. The primary reason is global warming that raises the temperature, resulting in aquatic organisms’ death.

3. Land Pollution:
We are very well aware of one of the widespread issues, deforestation. Deforestation is the primary cause of land pollution. If plants are cut down, the land loses its fertility. The other reason for land pollution is modern farming. The usage of pesticides pollutes land with very toxic chemicals.

The dumping of plastic waste on lands is very harmful. We very well know that the decomposition of plastic is not straightforward. Urbanization is another reason for land pollution. The increasing construction of buildings and industries has led to land pollution.

4. Noise Pollution:
Noise pollution also creates a lot of environmental complications. It is caused due to various activities. One of the primary reasons is the traffic noise. The progressive increase in vehicles gives rise to unwanted noise. The unwanted noise is annoying and irritating. The other causes are noise from construction sites, noise from firing crackers, late-night parties, etc.

Pollution is very perilous for the ecosystem. Also, it is very harmful to human and animal health. Global warming is the primary cause of all types of pollution. Due to this, the lives of animals, aquatic organisms, plants are at more significant risks. So, humans need to think wisely and control their sactivities, causing pollution.


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