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Sep 11, 2020 2:49 PM ET

Top Five Ways to Better Support Your Marketing Team

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 11, 2020

Every marketing team needs additional support. They have a very demanding, creative role, and they need a strong support structure from head management to produce successful and innovative campaigns again and again. Your team likely has a lot on their plate, and to do their job well they need to have all the tools and support at their disposal.

With a few management tips, you can help improve their efficiency and capabilities. Get started today by using these five methods.

1.   Ensure They Have the Equipment They Need

Your marketing team does more than handle your social media accounts. They also work hard to put together new assets from conception to creation, meaning sometimes they are going to need more equipment than you may have on hand.

Renting this equipment is a budget-friendly way of ensuring that your marketing team has everything that they need for the job. You can rent everything you need for an off-site photoshoot, right down to the studio lights, and even a powerful laptop. Lease MacBook Pro computers for your team while they are about creating new marketing assets for your brand. It’s fast, easy, cheap, and most of all can help your teams do better when they need to work out of office.

2.   Find and Partner with Great Business

Unless you manage a large business, you won’t have everyone you need to create all the digital assets you want for your brand. You are going to need to outsource and collaborate. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of businesses out there just for this purpose. The important thing to do beforehand, however, is to vet them out and have a go-to list for videographers, photographers, illustrators, and animators.

3.   Use Data Management to Streamline Projects

When you go through the effort of creating digital assets, either in-house or outsourced, these assets must be appropriately stored and accessible to everyone on your team. This includes newcomers. Without that proper asset management, you will have endless duplicates and lost files.  Simple software makes it easy to manage and access these files as well, so find a DAM or Data Management program that works for your business and invest in it today.

4.   Provide Automation Opportunities

Your marketing team needs to focus on creative problems. Simple, menial tasks can be handled by computers. To allow for this automation, however, you will need a comprehensive system that your entire business links up to. Only when all departments have software that can seamlessly communicate together can simple, mundane tasks that have very little variation be completed automatically.

5.   Improve the Work Culture

If you want creative ideas to flow, then people need to feel comfortable with expressing themselves. Work to cultivate such a work culture where ideas are freely shared and where your employees actively include one another. Team building exercises, strict bullying, and anti-harassment policies, and even mandatory participation in team meetings can help everyone in your marketing department do better and enjoy their work more.


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