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Sep 11, 2020 2:21 PM ET

The Need for a Daily Routine When We Are All Home

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 11, 2020

Maintaining a regular routine during these unprecedented times will allow you to stay focused, remain productive, and channel your energy positively.

Children Home Learning

It’s a new time for parents and for many, it still feels surreal. If you have several school-aged children, you became a teacher virtually overnight. You have to sign onto computers for zoom meetings, administer assignments and follow up with children to make sure they complete them. For homes with elementary school-aged children, the workload is something most parents can handle. However, once you get into middle and high school learning, it’s a whole new level of frustration for both teens and parents. Since this seems to be the “new normal,” at least for the immediate future, getting private tutoring lessons online for children having difficulties can prevent kids from falling behind.

Avoiding Distractions Working From Home

Many companies put systems in place that enable employees to work from home. It’s a fantastic way to conduct business and keep your current salary during these difficult times. Unfortunately, you are not the only one at home. The entire family is there with you. Initially, it’s a new situation that most members of the household were eager to cater to. Unfortunately, the novelty of the moment wears off. Setting up rules for when you are working is essential to remaining productive and maintaining your sanity. Setting up a mock home office in a spare room or part of a bedroom will afford you some privacy and let others know that when the door closes you are off to work.

The Household Schedule

Creating a schedule that includes a to-do list and time slots for things like fun activities and meals will help to keep your family united and in a healthy mental state of mind. Maintaining normalcy as much as possible is important. Use this unique situation to complete tasks that otherwise end up on the back burner. Rearranging drawers, closets, and getting organized will provide therapeutic results. Additionally, it will prevent children from developing bad habits such as sleeping in late and spending too much screen time playing games and conversing. The daily routine will make the transition back to work and school easier.

Eating Healthy

It’s easy to get off track and develop poor eating habits with everyone at home. There’s nothing wrong with ordering take-out once a week to help keep the local businesses afloat. However, consuming foods with little or no nutritional value will make you feel lethargic, depressed, and may cause weight gain. Shop once each week and bring home good food. Without a commute, school pickups, and many errands to run, you can create new recipes to excite your family and adopt healthy eating habits.

Factor in Exercise

With most gyms and fitness centers closed across the states, keeping fit on your own is essential. Thankfully, you can achieve this goal relatively easily. Clear the space in the living room and create a daily time slot for family exercise. You can put in a tape featuring one of many personal trainers and begin the exercise session. If you don’t have space, you can opt to do the workout outdoors. Take a bike ride, a long run or a brisk walk. Any form of physical exercise will keep your family fit during your time at home.


The days are long and packed with work, teaching lessons, cooking, and cleaning. Adding a time slot for personal self-care is necessary to maintain your sanity. Let your spouse hold the reins while you relax in a hot bubble bath with scented candles, read a book, or catch up on your favorite television series.

These are challenging times. Fortunately, they will come to an end. In the meantime, remaining focused, productive, and mentally and physically fit will keep your spirits up.


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