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Sep 10, 2020 7:06 AM ET

6 Key Free Sales Prospecting Tools Your Business Needs

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 10, 2020

If you are a salesperson, then you know how important a pipeline list is. From this list, you obtain new clients, and the longer it is, the higher the possibility of landing new clients. Sales prospecting tools can help you land the right customers. These tools enable you to identify the right prospects without wasting much time on people or companies that might not buy your product.

Conducting research, creating a pipeline list, and validating the information about the potential customers you have within a specific region can be challenging for any salesperson. Sales prospecting tools can solve these problems as they can automate everything, saving you a lot of time.

If your business is starting up or you are operating on a tight budget, getting the paid versions of sales prospecting tools can be quite an expense. In this article, we have compiled the top free sales prospecting tools for your business. is a sales prospecting tool that you can use to discover and get in touch with new prospective customers from companies around the globe. With the tool, you can filter your search information, narrowing it down to the target clients. You can filter by industry, country, and designation, among many others. Once you obtain the prospect list, the tool then verifies the email address of the prospects and allows you to contact them. is one of the best free business prospecting tools with a database of more than 200 million contacts.


This tool works similarly to in the sense that it generates leads for you and verifies their email addresses before you contact them. This sales prospecting tool even has a Google Chrome extension that enables sales professionals to discover email addresses by any social media profile, LinkedIn profile, or website. You can upgrade the tool to a paid version where you are not limited in the number of searches you conduct in a month.

Google Alerts

This prospecting tool detects any changes in content posted in web pages and sends alerts when the changes occur. From there, you can utilize this information to find new prospects. You can use the tool to track a prospect on multiple web pages. You instantly get notifications once the company or prospect is mentioned. You insert the name of the prospect you are tracking, and you will get daily, weekly, or monthly alerts depending on how you set to receive them.


This sales prospecting tool specifically focuses on searching and verifying the email addresses of potential customers. You can use the tool to verify the prospects’ contact information listed in web pages before contacting them. The tool also helps you predict the customer’s email address based on the company name if it cannot be located on the web.


Today, many businesses get most of their customers from social media pages, and there is no better tool to identify new prospects than Mention. This tool works similarly to the Google Alerts prospecting tool, but it focuses on social media platforms. The moment the keywords you inserted are mentioned, you instantly get alerts.


Skrapp helps the sales personnel to generate leads, their email addresses, and then verifies them. If you want to create a sales pipeline, then Skrapp is the best prospecting tool to use. The tool has a Google Chrome extension that enables you to find various web pages’ email addresses.

With the above tools, you can reach out to potential customers and start the sale process. The higher the number of possible clients you reach, the higher the chances of closing sales. As such, you need to contact many customers, and this is only possible with prospecting tools. Therefore, learn to use the tools and do massive action to realize any worthy results.


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