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Sep 9, 2020 9:32 AM ET

Top 7 Microsoft Word Add-Ins to Generate Business Documents

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 9, 2020

Today around 1.2 billion people are users of Microsoft Office, and it is safe to say that Microsoft Word is playing a big part in the growth of your business. It can help you create and design every kind of document, whether it is professional or personal.

Turn your Microsoft Word into unleash dozens of add-ins designed to improve the other powerful features of Word to make them more efficient, productive, and creative. With the help of Microsoft Word add-ins, one can take the business files and documents to an entirely new level with these seven productive Microsoft Word add-ins. Read the following list to check them out.

1. Office QR

Office QR lets the user insert or create a QR code into the documents to link to the website, contact details, or a file. Once one has created the QR code, he/she can default the features to edit in Word in order to adjust the documents’ size, font, style, and code location.

Adding QR code to the document makes sharing information regarding the file easy. When you have QR code to documents, viewers only need to have the QR app to get the documents downloaded on their phones. In short, it is the fastest and easiest way to share your document information.

2. Consistency Checker

The add-in scans the files for variation in spelling, hyphenation, abbreviation, and common typos. It is the easiest way to find the errors or mistakes in the files and documents that Word’s built-in spelling and grammar checker tool will not find.

3. Handy Calculator

This feature can be used right with the Word to calculate and obtain a figure. This can calculate the project’s working hours, or one can use it to carry out the general arithmetic operation without leaving the document you are working on. It would be needless to say that Handy Calculator is true to its name.

4. Translator

We know the struggle of going back and forth between your Google translator and Word doc. Are you tired of constantly switching between tabs, especially when one is not working with multiple screens? Luckily, MS Word add-in makes it easier. The Translator is one perfect add-in, and you can trust it to use.

5. Symbol Search

Symbol search allows you to find symbols to insert into the files and documents in a handy way. Symbol search displays symbols by the category; you can use symbol search add-in to search for the signs or symbols by keywords conveniently.


This one is the most useful add-in that provides you with the full forms and definitions of abbreviations you find in your documents. To do so, just open the within the Word documents and select the abbreviation that you want to know and wait for a few seconds for the add-in window to show you its full form or exact definition.

7. Picket Presentation Images

Add-ins work great if one is looking for images to insert into Word documents. Picket presentation images add-in pop open whenever you need to search for any image. In this way, you don’t need to leave the open tab, and with a few clicks, your task is done within the Word.


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