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Sep 9, 2020 4:55 PM ET

Finding app developers during a pandemic in Poland

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 9, 2020

Finding app developers

In addition to real estate (92 percent), business services (84 percent), and SSC / BPO (80 percent), the IT industry (86 percent) is one of the industries that migrated the quickest and largest share to the home office since the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Devire report made available to the online programming school (a survey conducted using the CAWI approach in March 2020 on a g

Which industries will be affected during the pandemic?

The fact that there are sectors where things are still stable is positive for the economy and for the jobs. Devire’s experts note the lowest probability of layoffs in the building and real estate sectors-only 27% of employers suggested that the condition triggered by coronavirus could be linked to work losses, as well as IT and telecommunications (29% of responses).

The world is moving to the internet, day by day

Further insight is provided by Deloitte analysts, who emphasize that e-grocery stores and the food tech market, i.e. apps that enable us to experience food delivered directly to the door, have now been given the potential for expansion. So this is yet another engine cog powering the development of innovative technology-related solutions. After all, everybody has all those apps to develop and distribute. No wonder internet users’ activity related to searching for information on different types of courses and online training courses has increased over the last 3 weeks, according to data.

How to improve the work of developers?

First of all: developers working from home should be specifically allocated their occupational roles-in many situations doing remote jobs will be a different scenario for both employers and them.

Carrying out business duties from home also requires employers to allow remote access to the company’s network via VPN and, above all, to supply the employee with the equipment on which he can operate. The first concept is to connect on business hardware only to the company network. Let’s split the job of games or other private hobbies from the machine.

Let’s face it-a lot of employees will be using their own WiFi network. Why is it in this case? Let’s make sure they install at least difficult access codes, and ideally isolate the network for technical purposes only. More experienced users could toggle on the option for isolating the AP / Client.

Finding app developers will have specific guidelines on the use of certain digital medium-such as flash drives, which can also be compromised with malware. The protection of smartphones, phones and other computers and identities (e.g. e-mail) can always be programmed in advance: insert keys, passwords, and 2FA (two-factor authentication) or Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution.

Cloud solutions while app developers work

Cloud may be the answer. Cloud solutions make it easier for employees to communicate and give them the ability to easily and quickly share documents that are still safe despite the fact that they are used outside the workplace.

All entities deciding on a remote work system or considering its introduction should definitely invest in backup, which is an ideal solution for everyone, including decentralized business – it will allow you to quickly restore data in the event of the carelessness of any of the employees.


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