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Sep 9, 2020 9:48 PM ET

Fatty Amides Market Size Forecast to Reach $443.76 Million by 2025

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 9, 2020

Fatty Amides Market size is forecast to reach $443.76 million by 2025, after growing at a CAGR of 5.2% during 2020-2025. Fatty Amides are fatty acids, for example- uric acid, stearic acid, and oleic acid. Fatty amides are being used as anti-blocking agent or slip agents in the polyolefin industries. Fatty amides provide range of benefits and value-added properties. Fatty amides are broadly used in manufacturing of inks and dyes in the global fatty amides market.

By Product Type – Segment Analysis

Erucamide segment held a significant share in fatty amides market in 2019. Primary fatty amides such as erucamide, oleamide, stearamide and behenamide are widely used as slip agents and anti-blocking agents by polyolefin film processing industries. Erucamide is a primary amide and is synthesized by reacting erucic acid with gaseous ammonia. Erucamide is considered as a slip agent for polyolefin film processing due to its ability to reduce the value of COF (Coefficient of Friction) on the film surface. Erucamide is used as an adhesive and sealant chemical, lubricant & lubricant additive, and anti-adhesive agent in various end-use industries such as personal care, food packaging and plastic & rubber. The high compatibility of erucamide in different end-use industries with different applications will propel the market for erucamide fatty amides. Oleamide is used as a dispersing agent in printing ink and dyes. Furthermore, it has also found wide application in the manufacture of polyolefin films, which can be used for food packaging. Ethylene bis-stearamide, which is a saturated fatty acid amide manufactured from fatty acids derived from animal, marine, or vegetable fats and oils. Applications of bis-amide are in synthetic rubbers, wire drawing, defoaming agents, synthetic fibers, adhesive tape roll and etc. N-acylethanolamines (NAEs), such as anandamide (AEA), are a group of endogenous lipids derived from a fatty acid linked to ethanolamine and have a wide range of biological activities, including regulation of metabolism and food intake.

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By Function – Segment Analysis

Slip agent segment held a significant share in fatty amides market in 2019. Fatty amides find application as slip agents for plastic films, which are used in food packing. The growing demand for fatty amides as slip agents is attributed to factors such as slip additives being highly preferred to reduce friction in polyolefin film while processing. Owing to the rise in disposable income and growth in the middle-class population; the demand for packed food has increased, which is ultimately driving the demand for fatty amides as slip agents in the film processing industry.

By End-Use Industry – Segment Analysis

Film processing segment held a significant share in fatty amides market in 2019 growing at a CAGR of 5% during the forecast period. Stearamide and behenamide are used in combination with erucamide as an anti-blocking agent in polyolefin film processing. Moreover, fatty amides have strong demand in the plastic industry for its use as a superior additive and processing aid. It is used as both internal & external lubricant. Internal lubricant application includes torque reduction in rubber and resin processing whereas, the external lubricating application includes promoting slip to resin surfaces and enhances the fluidity of powder materials. Its use as an anti-blocking is predominant in resin powder, pellets, ink and film processing.

The surging COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is anticipated to have a long-term impact on the fatty amides market. Hence, companies in the fatty amides market are increasing efforts to get a hands-on for the resources they can capitalize on to minimize the impending consequences of COVID-19.

Geography- Segment Analysis

Asia Pacific dominated the fatty amides market with a share of more than 37%, followed by Europe and North America. The growth in the Asia Pacific region is supported by improving economic conditions, increasing disposable income and positive demographic outlooks such as the increasing population and rising per capita income in the region. In these emerging markets, there is high demand from the packaging and manufacturing industries, which in turn generates demand for fatty amides. Plastic and film processing is well-establish in Europe and North America and is significantly growing in emerging markets such as India and South Korea. Demand for fatty amides is influenced by demand for polyolefin films from packaging and food & beverage industries.

Drivers – Fatty Amides Market

Demand from end use industries

Increasing demand for polyolefin films arising out of food and beverages industries is expected to push the global fatty amide market. It is highly preferred in food industry due to its ability to travel faster on a film surface. The demand for packed food has been increasing due to high purchasing power and busy lifestyle will boost the growth of fatty amides market. The market for plastic and film are experiencing high demand as well. These markets are likely to upheave the global fatty amides market during the forecast period. Additionally, it is also used as a diluting agent in printing ink and dyes. It is also used as an anti-blocking agent in polyolefin film processing industries. These factors will further lead to expansion of the global fatty amides market. The end users for fatty amides market would be industries such as food and beverages, personal care, and plastic and rubber.

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Challenges – Fatty Amides Market

Raw material prices and substitutes

The factor that is likely to be restraining the growth of the global fatty amides market would be volatile prices of raw materials. Fluctuations in the price of raw material will affect the product price for the manufacturer. High manufacturing cost will add up the cost of the product, affecting the market growth.
Moreover, there are strong substitutes to fatty amides which include silicone-base compounds that have wide adoption in plastics, paints & coatings industries. In addition, the accumulation of fatty amides in the environment is found to be lethal to aquatic life.

Market Landscape

Technology launches, acquisitions and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the fatty amides market. Major players in the fatty amides market are Croda International, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, Italmatch Chemicals, PMC Biogenix, Kao Corporation, Fine Organics, Nippon Fine Chemical, Haihang Industry (China), Mitsubishi Chemical, and BASF among others.


In October 2018, Univar Inc. a chemical and ingredient distributor and provider of value-added services announced that it’s a wholly-owned subsidiary,, Inc. has expanded its partnership with PMC Biogenix to include distribution of PMC’s slip agents, anti-block additives and fatty acids in Mexico.

Key Takeaways

Asia-Pacific is expected to dominate the global market during the forecast period.

Increasing applications in end-user industries such as food & beverages, soaps & detergents, and pharmaceutical & personal care provide several opportunities for the growth of the fatty amides market.

The fatty amides market is witnessing considerable growth due to growing demand for environmentally friendly products over petroleum-based ones.

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