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Sep 9, 2020 6:18 AM ET

An International Marketing Agency for Your Business, Global Business Advisory Is a Premier Franchise Sales & Consulting, and Commercial Business & Real Estate Brokerage

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Global Business Advisory provides high-level expertise in franchise sales, consulting, and business brokerage worldwide. Our focus is on buyers and sellers of small and mid-sized businesses.


Global Business Advisory’s true value is in the spaces between brands – in combining brands with vision, relevance, strength, affordable and competitive flexibility. In a philosophic sense, we have three distinct customer groups including: Buyers, Sellers, & Agents.


Global Business Advisory is involved in all phases of business including Sales, Mergers and Joint Ventures – we service every touchpoint in a business.

“Franchising is the single most successful marketing strategy ever.” – John Naisbitt, Author, Megatrends

In addition to our deal makers with over 100 years of experience, Global’s Team of Advisors also includes specialists such as estate planners, business law attorneys, licensed financial planners, and CPAs. Selling an operating company is complicated. Dealing with family interests, numerous stakeholders, and various tax ramifications, it is essential to be advised properly by a variety of professionals.

Global Business Advisory is a franchise sales consulting and commercial business & real estate brokerage. The company was formed to offer a full-service consortium worldwide with bases in the East in Connecticut, and our base office in Utah providing our Western region access.

Ann Lilly, MHA, MBA, COO
Global Business Advisory

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Ann Lilly, MHA, MBA, COO
Global Business Advisory

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