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Sep 2, 2020 1:00 PM ET

Water Clarifiers Market Size Forecast to Reach $7.47 Billion by 2025

Water Clarifiers Mar

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 2, 2020

Water Clarifiers Market size is forecast to reach $7.47 Billion by 2025, after growing at a CAGR of 6.1% during 2020-2025. Developing countries are driving the market through the rising demand for water clarifiers. Due to factors such as availability of raw materials, cost-effective labor, low transportation costs, and relaxed regulations and policies of government, some vendors shift their manufacturing activities into emerging economies. Moreover, the need for efficient water management systems is rising, which will push the demand for water clarifiers, because of an increasing economy and rapid urbanization in developing countries. Water clarifiers are commonly used in treating water and wastewater that will fuel demand from emerging economies like China, India, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Product Type – Segment Analysis

Coagulant type segment holds the largest share in Water Clarifiers Market in 2019. The principal advantages of pre-polymerized inorganic coagulants are that they can function efficiently over wide ranges of pH and raw water temperatures. They are less sensitive to low water temperatures; lower dosages are required to achieve water treatment goals; fewer chemical residuals are produced; and lower chloride or sulfate residuals are produced, resulting in lower final water TDS. They also produce lower metal residuals. The efficiency of rapid mixing, the pH stabilizers, and the coagulant dosage determine which hydrolysis species is effective for treatment.

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Application – Segment Analysis

Pre-treatment application holds the largest share in Water Clarifiers Market in 2019. Because of its widespread usage in agriculture, water clarification is being used as a pre-treatment for further purification processes in urban wastewater, urban drinking water and industrial effluent. This segment is motivated by rising clean water requirements among people. Different organizations and administrations are providing research services to provide the community with clean water.

End-Use Industry – Segment Analysis

Municipal sector holds the largest share in Water Clarifiers Market in 2019, is growing at a CAGR of 5.9%. Since water management technologies to provide safe drinking water are increasingly needed, water scarcity is reduced, and contaminants are minimized. They do have the capacity to handle bacteria, heavy metals, ammonia, crypto giardia, fats, berries, particle counts, and coliforms in an appropriate way. The key factors that are anticipated to drive market growth are rapid industrialization, increased population, and reduction in the water reserves in the region. In addition, rising demand from urban and industrial water clarifiers is driving market development.

Geography – Segment Analysis

APAC dominated the Water Clarifiers Market share with more than 36%, followed by North America and Europe. Increased investment to ensure sufficient water and sanitation in various countries in the region. APAC will continue to be the leader over the next five years as a result of the highest incremental growth. PolyDADMAC for the medical sectors and the pulp and paper industry is the leading technology for Asia Pacific. The key factors expected to drive growth in the water clarification market in Asia Pacific are rapid industrialization, booming populations, and the depletion of freshwater stocks in the Asian Pacific region. The rising demand from both the public and the private sectors for water clarifiers also fuels the growth of the market for water clarifiers in this area. In the developing world, as well as China and India, rapid growth in Asia Pacific is being driven by increased industrial infrastructure. In emerging economies like China and India, rising demand for safe and drinking water is likely to boost demand for flocculants in the Asian Pacific.

Drivers – Water Clarifiers Market

Increased levels of application in various end-use verticals due to the mandates provided by various authorities regarding the quality of environment; this factor is expected to drive the growth of the market

The growing use of clarifiers in the industry is one of the driving forces for the growth of the global market in water clarifiers. The drug is primarily used for improving the water recycling process in the power generation industry. The petroleum and gas industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and one of the world’s most exported goods. The developing regions are spending rapidly on the demand for petroleum and gas and food processing. India and China are one of the major water clarification exporters due to the emerging developing industries and the need for wastewater cleaning.

Increasing preference for zero liquid discharge (ZLD)

A main development that has a positive effect on the global water clarifier market will be the growing preference for zero liquid discharge (ZLD). As the environmental effect of wastewater disposal activities, the demand for ZLD in the oil, gas, electricity, petrochemical and chemical industries is rising. Water Clarifiers allow wastewater produced from these industries to be recycled and re-used by preventing coagulation or flocculation in ZLD systems of metals and suspended solids. Thus, the growing demand from developing countries for water clarifiers coupled with the growing preference for zero liquid discharge (ZLD) will stimulate market growth.

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Challenges – Water Clarifiers Market

Regulations & Presence of alternatives is affecting the market growth

Strict guidelines on the conservation of water and water quality are the main driving force of the global water clarifier industry. Apart from these increasingly stringent regulations, particularly in the areas of water reuse and waste, the global water clarifiers market will also certainly be affected. However, the growth of this market may also be slowed by an growing acceptance of alternative technologies such as UV and RO filtration. Additionally, the demand growth for water clarifiers should be balanced by other factors such as the high cost of clarifiers and the availability of substitutes such as chemicals.

Market Landscape

Technology launches, acquisitions and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the Water Clarifiers Market. Major players in the Water Clarifiers Market are SNF Floerger, Kemira OYJ, BASF SE, Ecolab Inc., Solenis LLC, Buckman Laboratories, Inc., Feralco AB, Suez S.A., Ixom Operations Pty Ltd., and Kurita Water Industries Ltd., Pall Corporation and among other.

Key Takeaways

PolyDADMAC has been used as a primary organic coagulant for wastewater treatment which neutralizes colloidal material which is negatively charged. The flocculants are classified into natural flocculants and synthetic flocculants. The flocculants’ markets are likely to be dominated by the booming industry, such as chemical, cement and mining in Asian Pacific.

The global demand for water clarifiers is powered by strict legislation for water conservation and water quality worldwide. Additional important element in the treatment and reuse of wastewater is the degradation of freshwater infrastructure. The major challenges faced by the water clearing industry are however the high cost of water clarifiers and the availability of less expensive chemical substitutes.

Rapid urbanisation puts pressure on the current water system and calls for better wastewater treatment, which puts high demand for clarifiers worldwide. It draws various competitors to the market for water clarifiers, which contributes to an inflow of investment.

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