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Samuel Leach’s Real Forex Trader 2: Creating Successful Traders Airs Penultimate Episode

Samuel Leach’s Rea

iCrowdNewswire   Aug 19, 2020  1:00 PM ET

The Real Forex Trader Series 2, on their second to the last episode of the season, has come full circle. In one of the earliest episodes of the season, Samuel & Co. Trading staff blindfolded competitors and took them to an undisclosed location. Staff met with each competitor one-on-one and asked them why they wanted to participate in the series and why they think they have what it takes to win. In this episode, we see the remaining competitors traveling to an international location in the south of France where they will see once and for all if their expectations can meet the realities of foreign exchange trading.

The Real Forex Trader Series’ finalists have had the cushion of Samuel & Co. Trading’s initial capital to fall back on during each FX challenge. While this did not change in the final, the money at their disposal proved far less stable. Their last challenge only offered each team with an initial capital of 50 GBP. The finalists would need to trade that capital in the FX markets to garner enough revenue for travel from London to the final location in the south of France. This once-in-a-lifetime experience put competitors to the ultimate test as they learned how to balance their emotions, work ethic, and strategy to make one final attempt at victory.

Wrapping Up Another Season of the Real Forex Trader Series

The Real Forex Trader Series began in 2019 as a Youtube reality-show competition on becoming a foreign exchange trader. This year, eighteen applicants were selected and thrown into the harsh realities of foreign exchange trading. Throughout the second season, we’ve seen competitors test their emotional, mental, and tactical strengths. Viewers at-home gravitate towards the show’s trials and tribulations while learning valuable business tips from the show’s extreme intellectual challenges. These tests highlight Leach’s holistic method of foreign exchange trading education. 

At the beginning of this episode, Leach announced that this would be the second to last episode of the series and the final episode before the final challenge in southern France. He is excited to have wrapped another successful season of the series and announced that recruitment for the third season of the Real Forex Trader Series has begun. Competing in the Real Forex Trader Series is an excellent opportunity for up-and-coming traders looking to learn from a self-made millionaire that acquired his fortune through the FX markets. Interested applicants can apply by following the pinned link in the episode’s comments. Applicants should complete an introductory level program with Samuel & Co. Trading before applying. Aside from that, there are no prerequisites to apply for the competition.

The Journey to the Villa

The final challenge, which began last week’s episode, allots each team with 50 Great British Pounds (GBP). Each pair can do whatever they please with the funds, but the moment that they use their own money beyond the 50 GBP from Samuel & Co. Trading, they forfeit the competition. Competitors are allowed to quit the competition at any time in their travels, but the second that they do so, they must tell Leach. Whatever you trade and earn with that 50 pounds can be sent; however, the team pleases. That even includes a winter jacket, which one team insists on using their funds since the villa is so cold. Yet the ultimate goal is to trade that allotment and yield enough profit margin to cover their food, drink, and travel as they journey to an international location. All pairs must arrive by Sunday, or else they are disqualified.

There are significant disparities among the teams with where they are in their journeys. Those who are most successful have controlled their emotions for the betterment of their goals, while others have let the hard-work and diminishing sleep get the best of them. The episode opens with one group who has already traveled from London to Paris to Lyon. This is a team whose strategy was to take risky trades as early on in the challenge as possible. Their approach afforded them the chance to leave London quickly and hit the FX markets at each destination to increase their funds. 

Another team has yet to travel yet and is still in London, which is likely due to their hesitation to make risky decisions. The two struggling team members struggle to achieve a common denominator on strategy, which also contributes to their shortcomings early on in the final challenge. The other group that began to travel made enough trades to afford flight tickets, but often complained due to not having enough funds to purchase a substantial meal. Each of these struggles demonstrates the benefit of up-and-coming FX traders who do not hesitate to take risks while showing the limitations of over-pragmatism. 

Who is Samuel & Co Trading’s Founder and CEO, Samuel Leach?

Samuel Leach founded Samuel & Co. Trading in 2012. The company began as a 50-50 profit share arrangement between himself and his recruits. Eight years later, the company now provides several education programs for aspiring foreign exchange traders. Their unique advantage to aspiring traders is an offer of initial capital for trading. For example, the company’s Junior Trading Program offers 20,000 GBP in initial capital. The initial capital model also carries into the Real Forex Traders Series, where each competitor receives a stipend from Leach for trading.

Leach is confident in his teaching methods because he is his student. At the University of Hertfordshire, Leach found himself with interest in FX markets. He enrolled in a trading class but did not process the professor’s methods well. He took the task of learning the FX markets into his own hands. After working between sixteen to eighteen hours a day for a little over a year, Leach turned a 2,000 GBP student loan into a 170,000 GBP. Leach is an expert in building these skills in aspiring traders since he was able to acquire this information and teach these skills to himself. This self-starter spirit is at the core of Samuel & Co. Trading and empowers up-and-coming traders to work to the best of their abilities. 


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