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How to fix the problem if iPhone stuck on apple logo?

iCrowdNewswire   Aug 19, 20206:01 AM ET

We have all been there. If you use an iPhone, you’ve probably faced the frustrating problem of witnessing your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo and cannot get past it. The legendary Apple logo’s ordinarily pleasant picture turns into an irritating (and perhaps panic-inducing) sight.

Are you dealing with this particular issue today? We understand the way you feel, but thankfully you’re now in the correct place since we have the solution. Read ahead to find out all the different methods you can repair your iPhone won’t turn on stuck on the apple logo.

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What could cause the iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo?

In case your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, you’re thinking about what triggered it. If you already know the catalyst for the issue, you’re less prone to have it happen again. Look at several of the most frequent reasons your iPhone won’t turn on stuck on apple logo.

  1. 1. It is an improvement issue – You may discover your iPhone gets wedged on the Apple logo right after you upgrade to probably the newest iOS thirteen or maybe iOS twelve. This may occur for a range of purposes, though it’s generally right down to attempting to put in probably the newest iOS on an old phone. Aside from the iOS twelve problems, iOS eleven is talked as perhaps the most difficult iOS version. You can check other iOS problems with these.
  2. You attempted to jailbreak your phone – Whether you tried to do the jailbreak yourself or maybe you took it to some technician, your iPhone may become stuck on the Apple logo after you’ve attempted the jailbreak procedure.
  3. It occurs once you restore from iTunes – Regardless of exactly why you’re restoring the iPhone of yours, it can become stuck on the Apple display after you restore it from iTunes and from iCloud.
  4. During an update and repair, we need to upgrade or perhaps bring the iPhones of ours on a semi-regular time frame for a range of factors. If you have a problem while adding an upgrade or maybe performing a routine bring, your iPhone XR, iPhone XS (Max), and some other iPhone design can become stuck on the Apple logo display.
  5. Hardware Damages – Some inner hardware damages will go out of an influence on the iPhone of yours. As you inadvertently dropped your iPhone or even designed your iPhone to experience liquid injury, it will be the main reason your iPhone caught on Apple logo, or it’s been found that on account of malware and unhealthy update, or the iPhone is stuck in a boot loop.

The best way to fix an iPhone stuck on the restore screen is to restart the iPhone. Like an iPhone, lots of phones stuck on apple logo could be repaired with a smooth restart. Truthfully, a first restart is not likely to resolve the issue in this situation, though it’s the most straightforward repair, causing it to be worth trying. It costs only a handful of seconds of your time.

The most natural Solution: 

Fix iOS system with no Data Loss: If you’ve no clue how you can correct iPhone stuck on the Apple logo and wish to relish the simplest way to resolve it. Thankfully, you can move onto a reasonable step that will solve your problem and save your data. Head to the Dr.Fone site, then scroll to the Repair choice. The Dr.Fone team has created specifically Dr.Fone – System Repair to eliminate various iPhone problems, like the’ stuck on the Apple logo’ issue that you’re experiencing, iPhone error 14, or iPhone error 4013. Very best of all? It fixes your phone stuck on the apple logo and sets it to normal without causing some data loss.

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  1. Head to the site and also download the Dr.Fone application, after which install it on your Mac or PC. After the setup process is completed, double click on the Dr.Fone icon, which is now on your desktop, which launches the system.
  2. With a USB cable connect your iPhone to the pc and then navigate to the dash panel and select “System Repair.”2 (2)
  3. A window will pop upwards – select “iOS Repair,” and you can find Advanced Mode and Standard Mode. You’re encouraged to make use of Standard Mode first.3
  4. Another window will then appear, as well as your iDevice model info is instantly detected. You must decide to obtain the adequately matched iOS firmware.
  5. As soon as the download has finished, Dr.Fone will start repairing the issue, creating the frozen Apple logo on your screen.5
  6. Once the trouble is repaired, your phone is going to restart automatically. You need to be now capable of using it as regular. Whew! That annoying issue is fixed, and you can rest easy your phone is set. The annoying Apple logo caught on your iPhone


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