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Buzz Scharringhausen Leading the Cannabis Movement

iCrowdNewswire   Aug 10, 202011:45 PM ET

The benefits of cannabis have led to a legalization movement and that has led to a need for reliable, quality, and experienced growers to meet these demands. Meet Buzz Scharringhausen, one of those people and a leading grower of safe and natural cannabis in California. Even for those in the So Cal area who aren’t familiar with Buzz Scharringhausen, if they use cannabis, then they are likely familiar with the quality of his cannabis growing operation.

In California, a front-runner of the cannabis movement in America, cannabis is legal for both medicinal and recreational use. This equates to even more demand for quality cannabis products, and more opportunity for Buzz Scharringhausen and one of the leading cannabis growers in California, Amalgamated Growers Inc. That was also an opportunity that Buzz Scharringhausen hasn’t missed.

To date, Buzz Scharringhausen and Amalgamated Growers have been cultivating cannabis for more than seven years, most of that under medicinal California regulations as outlined in Proposition 215. Now, after having obtained multiple Cannabis Cultivation Licenses, Buzz Scharringhausen expects the number of plants (800 in 2018) cultivated to exceed 3,000. That number will only grow too, as the demand for cannabis will increase as a result of California legislation requiring dispensaries and manufacturers to purchase cannabis from licensed growers.

As a commercial cannabis cultivation company, Buzz Scharringhausen, with the sole purpose of growing high quality Cat. 2 Phase 3 Trim and cannabis has led Almagamated Growers to become a leading supplier throughout the State of California. Because of factors such as their organic growing procedures, reputation, acreage, and location, Buzz Scharringhausen helped his company earn the singular Tier 3 License too. From its growing customer network and supply, Almagated Growers behind the leadership of Buzz Scharringhausen is also helping to lead the cannabis movement with safe, quality, and organically grown trim.

There is more to Buzz Scharringhausen than his commitment to growing reliable cannabis products and his business, however, and when he isn’t working he can be found studying his art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu or training for strength and endurance. Like his business ventures, Buzz Scharringhausen has also achieved blackbelt status, only adding to his list of notable accomplishments and successes.

Cannabis is more than a movement today and for people like Buzz Scharringhausen, it is about living a happier, healthier better life. As a Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt, an endurance trainer, and CEO, that is what Buzz Scharringhausen represents, like the product he grows.


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