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Is Video Influencer Marketing The Next Big Thing

iCrowdNewswire   Aug 4, 202012:40 PM ET

We all know the effectiveness of video content for marketing a brand. But there are many different ways in which you can market a video.

You can create short animations, upload client testimonials, make small videos of your product or service, product tutorials, instructional videos, and so much more. But times change, and you should be able to adapt to the new trends. The trend that is working with video content now may not be the best one to go with after a year or two.

Here is an example, vines were one of the early viral video marketing techniques, but we are clearly not seeing much of that anymore.

So, what is the next big thing? Well, as the title suggests, it is video influencer marketing. And it should be, for all the right reasons. Keep reading to find out why.

The Power of Influencers 

There are abundant reasons why influencers are awesome marketers. Let us look at 3 major ones to keep it simple.

  1. They Have A Community 

If there is one thing that turns a person from user to influencer, it is the fact that he or she has successfully built a community of loyal followers that listen to their opinions and have similar ideologies. As a brand, one of your biggest endeavors will automatically be accomplished when you hire an influencer – creating a loyal community of people.

If you have a brand, then you would probably know how time-consuming, difficult, and capital intensive it is to bring together many people who will actively listen and relate to what you have to say. Influencers would have already done that job for you. So, all you have to do is make money out of their achievements but by paying them, of course.

Now, at a fraction of a price, you have successfully created a community for your own brand.

  1. They Can Persuade 

Another challenge that your brand has to face has already been accomplished by the influencers. It is the art of persuasion.

It does not matter how much you spend on your advertisements or how many platforms you spread your word. Your business will not grow in proportion to your expectation or hard work unless your persuasion game is strong.

You must be able to persuade people into buying or availing to your brand’s offerings. Else, everything you do will be in vain. Your audience or potential customers will turn into actual retainable customers only when they find purpose in spending their money on you.

So, this makes influencers even more special. The loyalty of their fans and followers to them plays a great part in making their persuasion game strong. Even a subtle hint to your product or service by a prominent, influential person can greatly boost your brand engagement and revenue.

  1. They Decrease Your Workload 

When you have a brand and are running a business, the chances are that you do not have a lot of spare time to be on social media because there are more pressing things for you to focus on.

When you hire an influencer, namely, a social media influencer, you don’t have to worry about making videos, editing them, and posting content on social media platforms. You can just give them your requirements, and they will take care of the rest.

But if you do decide to make videos by yourself like a small promotional content, then you can use any free promo video maker app available on the internet.

Choosing the Right Influencer 

There are many kinds of influencers like:

So, choosing the right kind of influencer to market your brand is essential for your success. For example, it is probably not a wise idea to use a food vlogger to talk about an electronic device and other techy stuff. Influencer marketers offer a lot of services. Read more about influencer marketing at:

Let us look at 3 important variables that should drive your choice of an influencer.

  1. Budget 

The budget is the first thing you have to consider. Conventionally, popular movie actors charge a lot of money compared to regular social media influencers, but they also have a translating impact for your business.

But there are certain exclusive social media influencers whose reach surpasses many film actors and also charge a lower amount.

So, depending upon your budget, filter out whom you can hire and whom you cannot.

  1. Language 

Language is another filter that you should certainly use while choosing your influencer. If you want your brand to target an audience from a particular region, then find out what the language is officially used there and what kind of influencer moves the crowd.

An influencer who speaks only English might not do much good for your business if you plan to target a Hindi-speaking or Japanese-speaking group of people who are not fluent in English. With that being said, influencers, who can communicate in more than one language, will provide an added advantage.

  1. Technical Skills 

The next thing you would want to look at is the technical skills of your influencers. Influencers who have good technical skills can squeeze out more results for you for the same amount of money. They can target the appropriate audiences smartly by analyzing analytics in addition to an ocean of other things.

If tech skills are not an imperative requirement for you, then you can choose not to bother about it.

According to a blog article published by Xccelerate, skills in coding for digital marketing, and web development also help you to gain an intuitive understanding of how websites, search engines, and social media platforms work.


You make use of a free online slideshow maker to set forth your requirements to the influencer. This will help the influencer in understanding your expectations and will also bring about a clear representation of your brand voice.

Many brands across the world are starting to realize the importance and value of influencers. Similarly, many people are active on the path to become influencers as they are beginning to realize its potential as a career.


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