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Jul 24, 2020 2:00 PM ET

High-temperature Honeycomb Sandwich Materials Market to Grow at a CAGR of 10.3% During 2020-2025

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iCrowd Newswire - Jul 24, 2020

High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich Materials Market is forecast to reach $561.59 million by 2025, after growing at a CAGR of 10.3% during 2020-2025. A honeycomb sandwich is a structure made of three layers in which a low-density core is inserted between two relatively thin layers, giving it superior mechanical properties with minimal weight. The global demand for high-temperature honeycomb sandwich materials has gained traction owing to its superior mechanical performance and lightweight nature. Resin transfer molding has shown potential to reduce the production costs of high temperature honeycomb sandwich parts. Resin transfer molding sandwich honeycomb parts were produced by controlling resin flow during infusion with scrims of different weight.

By Types – Segment Analysis

Stainless steel segment occupied highest share in the world high temperature honeycomb sandwich market due to its low cost and high strength. Stainless steel honeycomb material have the properties of excellent moisture and corrosion resistant, fire resistant and fungi resistant. Therefore, Stainless steel honeycomb core are used in joiner panels, bulkheads, train doors and floors or any areas where honeycomb is subjected to hostile environments. These

Stainless steel honeycomb is available in expanded and untrimmed sheet. Titanium segment occupied second highest share in high temperature honeycomb sandwich market. Titanium honeycomb sandwich structures were used in the wing structure of the High speed civil transport, because of its structural performance and low effective thermal conductivity in order to minimize heating of the fuel stored in the wings. Metallic samples and composite material are widely used for flash thermography, which can reveal several defects: impact damage, delamination, disbonding and others. Shearography derived from the speckle interferometry is a new method used to assess a given specimen’s strain area.

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By Technology – Segment Analysis

The Corrugation segment is the primary technology for High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich materials. In this method corrugations are produced by pressing metallic sheet between toothed rollers. Corrugated sheets are then bonded, brazed or resistance welded to form honeycomb core. This method is generally preferred for high density cores which cannot be expanded due to thick and strong metallic sheets. Anisotropic hierarchical honeycombs of uniform wall thickness are built by repeatedly replacing each three-edge vertex of a hexagonal base network with a similar but smaller hexagon with the same orientation, and by extending the resulting structure in horizontal or vertical directions to break the isotropy.

By Application – Segment Analysis

The Aerospace & Aircraft Industry has been the primary market for High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich materials. Honeycomb sandwich materials are widely used on aircraft flight control surfaces such as rudder, aileron, spoiler, and flap. Each honeycomb material provides certain properties and has specific benefits. The most common core material used for aircraft honeycomb structures is aramid paper. According to the Boeing Company and Airbus Group, it is expected that by 2025 there are 1,686 units of aircraft will be delivered worldwide. These are the key factor which drive the for High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich materials market near future.

Geography – Segment Analysis

North America dominates the High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich materials market with share of 41% followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. This is due to the growth in applications such as automotive and construction sector. Automotive sector has been the primary market for High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich materials. The growth of the High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich materials market can be attributed to the rise in production of automobiles. The increase in the global automobile production is a major factor leading to the growth of High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich materials in terms of volume across the globe.

Construction industry is the second major market for the High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich materials. By 2020, construction output is estimated to grow by 70% to $12.7 trillion and will account for 14.6% of the world output with some of the larger emerging markets such as China, India, Russia, Brazil and Poland driving growth, along with U.S. Global GDP growth of 3.5% and 3.6% is expected in 2017 and 2018 respectively however the meteoric growth that outpaces global GDP will be concentrated in countries like China, India and U.S. India will overtake Japan as the third-largest construction market with annual growth averaging 7.4% annually in construction.

Drivers – High Temperature Honeycomb Materials Market
Investment in the field of satellite manufacturing
The High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich materials are used to manufacture panels for satellite due to its high stiffness and low weight requirements. The demand for satellite networks and services for commercial applications has increased. The growing utilization of commercial satellite platforms for dual purposes, which include military and civil, is also providing growth opportunities. Such developments are anticipated to drive the growth of the High temperature honeycomb sandwich market.

Growth In the Field of Aerospace Industry
The Aerospace Industry is the primary market for High temperature honeycomb sandwich material. High temperature Honeycomb sandwich material is used in various aerospace applications and is becoming the go-to material for critical substructures in rockets, aircraft, and jet engines, and propellers, as well as similar non-aerospace structures. The Aerospace industry will drive the market of High temperature honeycomb sandwich material in near future.

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Challenges – High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich materials market
High Manufacturing Cost can restrict the Growth of the Market.
The manufacturing cost of High temperature honeycomb sandwich material is high. That’s why when the end use industry manufacture a product based on High temperature honeycomb sandwich material its cost also increased. Secondly, the raw material which is used in the production of High temperature honeycomb sandwich material is also costly. These are the major restraint which affect the market of High temperature honeycomb sandwich material in near future.

Market Landscape

Technology launches, acquisitions and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the High temperature honeycomb market. Major players in the High temperature honeycomb Market are Indy Honeycomb, Benecor Inc., EconCore N.V., Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals Inc, among others.

Acquisitions/Technology Launches
In March 2020, The EconeCore launched Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) honeycomb is now commercially ready and available to license from EconCore. The company successfully conducted two years of research, learning how to optimally process the reusable resource-based polymer into its continuously produced honeycomb core.

Key Takeaways
North America is the leading consumer of high-temperature honeycomb sandwich and is projected to continue this position throughout forecast period.

The increase in production of various aircrafts and growth in the space industry is the key factors that drive the high-temperature honeycomb sandwich materials market.

The high cost of production and high price of raw materials cost are the major restraint for the growth of the global High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich Market.

High-Temperature Honeycomb Sandwich materials are used in constructions for a wide range of industrial applications – from boat hulls and train interiors, to sports equipment and car chassis and body panels.

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