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Convert Your Text to Speech Online

iCrowdNewswire   Jul 24, 20205:26 PM ET

Reading that big chunk of text on the go before you arrive at the meeting where you need to present on it can be quite difficult. We live in a period where there is no time to sit down and read, even our commutes are bogged down with distractions and interruptions. So how can we expect to be able to process any articles or chapters anymore?

With a dependable text to speech converter online, those articles and chapters will be as easy to read as listening to music. Simply input your text, convert it to a natural sounding voice, and listen away. If you’re in need of a voice actor for an online piece, simply feed your lines into the converter and let the human voices act away. Programs like Naturaltts are ready to help you out!

The Best Collection of Natural Voices

When you’re searching for the right text to speech converter for your needs, it’s important to find one with plenty of vocal options to choose from. Many programs will limit you to 10 or 20 voices with similar accents or dialect. Better software will enable you to choose from over 60 different voices in over six different languages providing your text with life and rhythm.

No matter what program you use, your first inquiry should be about how natural the voices sound. This mostly will apply to anyone looking to use the files for public presentations, but anyone listening to an article or chapter might not want broken patterns or odd stresses. You’ll want to ensure that the program you’re using offers real and natural sounding voices.

Downloading Capabilities

One and done should not be the motto of the program you’re using. If you only have access to the file through the website, you’re in need of a different website. Once you have the text converted, there should be a way to download and save each file for later use. For anyone looking to use the files, having the ability to save it and use it commercially will be necessary.

Many programs offer mp3 compatibility which is a fantastic way to convert and save your files. Programs like Naturaltts offer their mp3 download option for free which will allow you to sample what they have to offer and convert smaller bodies of text without purchasing their full program. Once you’ve purchased a subscription, however, you’ll have access to much more.

An Easy Converting Process

Converting is the name of the game and should be the focus of their software. If the converting process is difficult or complicated, this might not be a great service to use. Many programs use a simple copy and paste method of converting which enables you to place the whole article, chapter, or script into the software and process it instantly. Let the voices do the work and go!

Some programs might even allow you to upload a file, and they will scan the text for you. This works well for typed PDF files that you can’t copy and paste to the page. Finding the right converting program doesn’t have to be difficult! Find the right one for you today.


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