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Bring Your Text to Life with the Best Text to Speech Converter

iCrowdNewswire   Jul 24, 2020  5:31 PM ET

Have you ever found yourself on the go and in need of a way to read through an article or chapter, but unable to because you’ve run out of time? We’ve all been there, whether through work or school, deadlines always surprise,  reading on the go simply isn’t possible. However, with the right text to speech converter, you’ll be able to listen to that chapter as you commute.

Finding the best software for your needs can be difficult as there are countless options available, each claiming to have the best natural voices available. The best program for you will have a hefty library of voices, the ability to download your files, and different languages to choose from. Software like Natural tts offers you only the best voices and the easiest converting processes.

Plenty of Voices and Languages

The most important feature of a quality text to speech converter is the voices they have available. You want options and variety, but you also want the voices to be natural with human inflections on the right words. Many digital voices sound poor with breaks and pauses that simply don’t sound right. Finding a program for you means finding the most natural voices online.

The other issue you might encounter is a lack of choices. Some programs simply don’t have enough choices for your needs. The best online text to speech converters offer upwards of 60 different voices in six different languages so you’ll never run out of options. Convert your text, choose your voice and language, and get started on listening now!

Download and Save Your Files

Keep your files for later use. With mp3 compatibility, you’ll be able to save and store the recordings and listen to them whenever. This helps alleviate the pressure of listening in one go and allows you to return whenever you have the time to. This is especially useful for anyone who is using these recordings for presentations or videos.

The saving process should be as simple as a click of the mouse. Convert your text, save it, and store it for later. Programs like Natural tts enable you to save your files even with their free version. You won’t have access to their full library of voices, but you can still save small files ofthe converted text.

Different Pricing Options

With Natural tts, you have three different levels of access. Free users will gain access to their entire library of free voices and languages as well as up to 5,000 characters per file. You can save and store the recorded files and listen to them whenever, though you won’t be able to use them commercially. The same is true about their Personal plan which is $9.99 a month.

The Personal plan grants you access to everything the free one does, plus 27 premium voices, 15 languages, and 200,000 characters. The Commercial plan nets you the ability to use their whole library, every text modifying feature they offer, and commercial use of their files, all for only $79.99 a month.


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