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3 Essentials to Start a YouTube Channel

iCrowdNewswire   Jul 24, 2020  5:22 PM ET

YouTube started as just a fun thing to do for people who were bored at home and wanted to express themselves or show people things that they know how to do. In the last five years, YouTube has grown rapidly once viewers found out that their favorite influencers were being paid. Influencers now based on their views and subscribers get paid well enough to replace their full-time jobs, sometimes get sent on vacations, and also get free stuff to promote on their page. Due to these perks, it seems like everyone has become inspired to start a YouTube page. So what do you need to make your YouTube look good enough to start gaining subscribers? Here are a few things.

Graphics Tool

Making your video stand out is the most important thing if you want to turn it into a profit. Creating logos and other graphics to make your video unique can be easy without having to pay for a graphic designer. Websites like Canva offer several different templates, backgrounds, GIFs, pictures for you to create your brand in any way you please. All you have to do is find stock photos, photos, or videos of your own, or GIFS and put them together to make your page look unique. Sites like these also have presentation templates, social media templates, and templates for making videos that you can use for YouTube and make your channel stand out and attract viewers.

Video Editing

Another tool that video creators need that is probably the most important is video editing software. Two of the most popular are Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. With video editing software you can cut out parts of the video you don’t want there. You can add parts of other videos and put them together to make one video. You can do fun things like add music, add graphics you’ve created, speed up your video or slow it down or choose the brightness of the video. With video editing software the possibilities are endless, allowing you to create YouTube videos that are unique and fitting to your personality and subject.

Text-to Speech Softwares

If you are someone who wants to make YouTube videos to earn extra income but are not a fan of being on camera, you have speech issues, or you just simply don’t like your voice, you can use text-to-speech software to voice the content in your videos. With companies like Notevibes tts you can create content by writing what you want to say, choose a voice and the software will convert what you wrote into audio. This tool is good for tutorial videos, or if you are using animation in your videos. Software like this lets you convert text from any language so you can create videos from anywhere around the world. No matter who you are you can use this tool and the ones mentioned before, as well as countless others to create YouTube videos that will inspire and entertain people all around.


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