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Fantasy Football Picks: Here’s How To Build A Winning DFS Roster

iCrowdNewswire   Jul 23, 2020  5:00 PM ET

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Whether you are an avid football fan or a first-time player, playing the Daily Sports Fantasy (DFS) is something you’d like to explore. DFS has grown over time, especially in football, where players can create their winning roster. The team is composed of players you can pick in the current NFL season. 

While the NFL this year is scheduled to settle in September, the DFS football can be played anytime. If you are new to this game, you must understand the whole process and terms such as creating a championship team. It can be challenging most of the time, as there are many strong players to choose from. 

Therefore, as you find the time to play DFS football, let’s give you some basic techniques for building a winning roster. For some players, there is no harm in picking whoever they’d like to include in their lineup. However, it is best to find the proper timing and select the best players on the field for those who aim to earn a lot.

Draft a Running Back Player Early 

A running back is part of the team’s offensive lineup responsible for receiving handoffs coming from the quarterback. He also rushes the ball, catches, and blocks. When creating a perfectly-designed winning team for your next DFS football games, make sure to pick the best running back player as early as possible.

Take note that there are a fewer number of running back players you can select compared to wide receivers and quarterbacks. If you’d like to find additional ways to find the right running back, you can look for helpful DFS sites online, such as

Pick a Quarterback In The Fifth Round 

As stated, there are many deserving quarterback players you can pick. In the coming NFL season, the quarterback players who were most popular last year might become the best picks today in DFS football. 

During the first four rounds, take advantage of the less popular quarterbacks. While it’s fun to actively start your roster, playing DFS in many rounds such as fifth and so on might be harder. It is why you should reserve the best quarterbacks to ensure a winning play. 

Look For Substitute Running Backs

Most of the time, DFS football players are centering their picks in choosing for the best running backs. It is to make sure that they build a strong offensive team to hinder the other team from making goals. 

While this is true, you can consider picking substitute running backs when the main guys are injured. It’s good to back them if you don’t get lucky with your initial picks. They might be able to help you win the game as they are highly prepared to take over the leading roles.

Either Snag a Top Defense or Don’t Pick Them

Football is anyone’s ballgame, and every team deserves to win the title. It also goes when playing DFS football. It’s always best to draft a team with a top defense right away to ensure that your rivals can’t beat you. 

If you have been winning using top defensive players, then you can continue to do so. On the other hand, if you find out that your competitors have a stronger lineup, take time to change your plans. Compare the players from your roster to your opponent and see if there’s a need to use a top defense team still or not at all. 

Draft Your Opponent’s Best Players

If you are looking for a no-lose strategy in playing DFS football, then take advantage of drafting your opponent’s best player. There is a big year waiting for you in DFS when you do this trick and if these players will show their best in your teams.

Although sometimes they might not relish a good play, you will have a greater advantage as your rival gets more challenged. The fact that their best players are taken away from them will pressure them to make a stronger lineup to match your dream fantasy team. 

Avoid Picking a Top Tight End 

One of the biggest mistakes that most DFS football players make is drafting a top tight end. Remember that the same with the real NFL games, tight ends are prone to injury because of their major roles. 

Try picking a not-so-famous yet the more skilled tight end. It will give you wider options compared to picking the top players.


The key to winning DFS football is to have the strongest team and pick the right and skillful players for your roster. With a properly selected team, you can ensure that you don’t throw your money anywhere. Thus, if you want to build a successful DFS football team, the techniques above can surely help you achieve your goal.


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