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Jul 21, 2020 4:37 PM ET

TvSurf Reviews – Stream Hundreds Of HD Shows in 4K

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 21, 2020

Online Streaming has revolutionized the world of entertainment and almost every single person today is a fan of one or the other online streaming website. To make the best of these sites, it is extremely important that people have the right kind of devices, because it is not so much fun to watch stuff on a small laptop or mobile screen, as much as it is to watch it over a huge LCD.

For all the entertainment lovers, an amazing device named TVSurf Caster has been introduced in the market and so many people around the world are benefiting from it. It enables people to transfer their desired videos from laptop, tablet, or smartphone directly to the TV without any hassle. What is unbelievable is that it does that without affecting the quality of the video.

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TvSurf Review:

TvSurf is an amazing device for all those people who love online streaming. They will not only love enjoying their entertainment shows with ease on the big screen but also be able to benefit from many other features of this amazing product. It can easily fit even in their hand and they can simply plug into any HDMI port.

The product also comes loaded with their favorite apps so that they can enjoy their favorite content. They no more have to rely on restrictive cable packages. Moreover, it allows them to watch what they want, when and where they want to watch it.

The device also allows people to save their stuff such as home videos and private albums. They can watch them all using the slideshow option whenever they like. The product comes with preinstalled InfinitiKloud backup software that will enable them to make their entertainment mobile. It will give them access to everything that’s been transferred to their flash drive in simple and easy steps. They can enjoy their pre-saved stuff even when the internet is down.

Another unique quality of the product is that can be very helpful for the school and office presentations. It will save time and help people deliver their presentation at ease, without having to worry about the internet connection. Whether they want to add photos, play YouTube videos, listen to music, or even present an Excel spreadsheet, TVSurf is capable of helping with all these. It won’t be wrong to call it a mini laptop.

Other than saving people’s space and time, the device is also cost-efficient. It is not only affordable itself, but also saves the money people spend on online streaming sites such as HBO, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Even if they wish not to pay for these, they can still have access to plenty of other viewing options that won’t cost them a single penny. These include Pluto TV, IMDB Freedive, Sony Crackle, PBS, Tubi TV, Popcornflix, Xumo, COMET, Shout! Factory TV, Locast, and FilmRise.

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What makes the product really worthy is the ease of its use. People no longer have to rely on long restrictive cables that constantly keep having issues. It is the best selling product in the world of online streaming. People can even use it using their smartphones.

The jukebox contains all the favorite hits and people can listen according to their taste. It can be used by multiple people. Moreover, people will no longer have to pay for sports channels such as ESPN. it also makes it so easy to use Disney, Spotify, Netflix, and many other shows that people can enjoy while sitting on their couch.

The device will give all its users guaranteed high-quality HD streaming every day. It gives them unlimited access to their favorite entertainment shows and channels. Moreover, there is no doubt about the reliability and effectiveness of the product.

Despite all the great features, if people are still not satisfied, then they can return the product and get their money back without any hassle. There is no need to rush to return it and it is better to wait for a few days because the device is a bit complicated and it takes people time to understand and enjoy it. Even after that if people do not want it, then it can be returned in thirty days from the time of delivery.

Many satisfied customers online are testifying to the great features of the product. They are amazed by its super fast speed and ease of use. Moreover, many people are also appreciating the great quality sound that the speaker gives, helping people decipher even the fastest and complicated dialogues and lyrics. With regard to images and videos as well, there is no delay or no bursting of pixels.

All people have to do is attach the device to the HDMI port of their TV and then connect the supplied USB cable. Then they can just sit back and enjoy streaming whatever they like. They can control the device with the help of their cell phone as well.

It is important to be aware of which port people are connecting their device to because most TVs have at least four ports available. They can also pair the device to WLAN for online, or watch saved content offline. The device can be set up within just 30 minutes.

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TvSurf Benefits:

Gives full HD in 1080 resolution without hanging
50 times faster than online sites
Easy to use, just needs to be plugged in and played.
Supports so many different video and photo formats
no need for additional drivers
Allows people instant streaming
Wifi compatible and also works offline
Makes it easy to access streaming sites such as Netflix, YouTube or Hulu
Easy to handle and portable
Allows people to save whatever they wish

TvSurf Pricing

TVSurf is available online at the official site of the product at very affordable prices. Moreover, there are many discounted deals available. The price of one device is $153.83, but currently, it is being sold at a discounted price of just $99.99. Moreover, those who buy more than one discount can benefit from even better discount deals.


All those people who love online streaming but are unable to enjoy their favorite shows on a large screen should definitely buy this product. This easy to use device will enable them to watch their desired shows online on a large screen without affecting the quality of the video. The device is one of the best inventions in the field of entertainment.

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