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How to Write Perfect Essays for U.S. Universities

iCrowdNewswire   Jul 20, 2020  5:49 AM ET

The moment you start thinking about joining college, you begin a life of writing essays. You will start with your college application essay. Writing a college essay can be overwhelming especially if you are writing your first-ever essay. However, the essay is the only way you show your college professors who you are – it is, therefore, normal to get stressed. You’d rather seek admission essay writing service than mess your first ever college essay.



Understand The Prompt

A good college paper is one that has the right topic. To pick the right topic, you need to understand the prompt and take time to brainstorm on topic options. The idea is to choose a topic that showcases your unique perspective. Make the topic as engaging as possible and do a review to ensure everything is in order.

College admission essay writers understand that without the right topic, everything else might not make any sense.


Good Organization

Every paper you write needs good organization. Most universities in the U.S. have their writing requirements. Some are in the Common App, where the requirements are shared. Either way, you need a good organization to ensure you create stellar work.

For starters, ensure you have enough time to research, create an outline, write a draft, write the final copy, edit your work, and submit before the deadline. For college admission, start at least two months early. Once you understand the prompt, brainstorm on the topic, write a few topic options and choose the best one. This way, you will have the most engaging topic for your essay.


Create an Outline

From the topic chosen, create an outline that will guide you during research. The outline should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. It is in the body that most of the content of your paper should fall. Review the outline keenly to see that you do not leave anything out.

If you haven’t written a college paper before, you can look at samples online to see what should fall in your paper. You can also ask for help from an admission essay writing service on how to create a good structure. A college admission essay service will guide you through creating an outline that meets the requirements or write the essay for you. The easiest way to ensure your essay is good is to pick a focal point on your chosen topic. Choose an object, an idea or a relationship and make it the focus of your essay.

A basic article has the following parts:

From the five parts above (excluding the citations), you need to write points that you need to include based on the topic you choose.



Research brings the difference between a well-written dissertation and one that doesn’t hold water. You can research online or from the college library or use research tools such as interviews and questionnaires.

As you research, note down the main points of your research to later organize them to fit in your essay. Again, for all the content you research, note down the source for your citations section. If you come across quotes that you would like to use, note them down too.

With thorough research, you will find it easy to write a paper. Even if you are writing an applications essay, you still need to read through samples and research on the best way to tell your story.


Write the First Draft

With the right topic, structure, and intensive research, you are ready to put down the first draft. Here, do not aim for perfection but instead focus on making your ideas flow. You will have to rewrite everything, so do not waste your time on the first draft.

If you feel comfortable sitting down and writing the whole draft, then go ahead and do so. If you’d rather write one section at a time as you research, it is still okay. If there are sections that you feel you will include later, you need to note them down, so you do not forget when writing the final draft.

At this point, the length of your write-up should not matter. Write as much as you can and then you will remove the fluff later.


Ask for Help When Necessary

If you are ever stuck, ask for help. Sometimes, you do not have to wait to get stuck. Ask your professor whether you can consult as you do your work. Start by sending them the topic for approval and then start writing. If you need admission essay help, there are online writers to help you out.

You can also give your first draft to a professional for review before you do the final draft. This way, your paper will be stellar.


Write and Edit Your Paper

Your first draft will not be perfect, but your final copy should be. The rewriting process is vital to the quality of your work. Rewrite everything from the first draft. If you remember anything as you write, add it to your paper.

Your editing process should be as follows:


Double Check Your Work

While editing, you might be looking for grammatical errors, spellings, punctuation, and sentence structure. While at it, you might forget to check the paper’s flow, the arrangement of the paragraphs, and much more.



Once you learn how to write a college essay, the process becomes less intimidating. If you are facing challenges, you need to ask for help until you fully understand the process. Your professors might not be available all the time, but there are resources and writers online to walk you through the process.

Every part of your work is as important as the next – start with an engaging introduction that leaves the reader with questions. Answer the questions in the body, and summarize everything in conclusion. Assume you are the college professor and read your work – what grade would you give yourself?


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