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Elements of a Good Essay and how to get it Right

iCrowdNewswire   Jul 17, 20206:37 PM ET

The most critical elements of any good college essay and what your assessors are looking for in your paper in order to award you good grades. 

Essay writing is just one of those things that you need to learn how to do well if you are ever going to complete your higher education course with good grades. Not only are papers used in school to assess your understanding of the subjects that you pursue, but it also is seen as a tool that aids learning and provides a diagnostic medium. In the course of your degree, you will likely be required to write multiple essays that will be very demanding. To be able to score highly, there are some aspects of essay writing that you will need to understand clearly. For example, it is not allowed to copy content from the sources where you gather your information. Such sources include web pages, articles, blogs, websites, online books, and many more. This is known as academic plagiarism which is punishable. You, therefore, need to make use of tools such as the Peachy Essay free plagiarism checker to ensure that none of your work is plagiarised.

There are several elements of a good essay that you need to observe as you write your academic papers. Although this is usually considered very difficult to master, with proper time and guidance, you can always learn how to include these elements in all your papers. The major challenge is usually associated with the fact that all essays are challenging and require you to capture different aspects as effectively as possible. In fact, essay writing is generally seen as overwhelming because you will be required to write many various essays for each of the different classes that you have to take to complete your course expertly. As a student, you are always obliged to think that each of the classes requires you to approach the essays very differently, which is usually not very true. For most of the essays, the best approach just involves following the main instructions which most students tend to ignore and hence end up scoring lower grades than they expect. In each of the essays that you will write, you will need to offer your opinion and back it up with evidence concerning a given topic. Although there are different types of essays, this opinion is viewed as your contention statement. In this paper, we explore the various common essay elements that make all essays straightforward to plan and execute in the right manner.

A strong contention

Essay writing is all about expressing what you understand about a given topic. This means that you will need to know how to use strong language to express your opinion in a way that is convincing to your audience. In simple terms, the contention of your essay is simply what you think about the provided topic or prompt. You need to challenge the statement that is offered to you and come up with a viewpoint that clearly outlines the degree to which you are in agreement or disagreement with the statement or if you are taking the neutral position. You need to understand that rewording the prompt will not work well, and you need to understand the topic and provide a well-thought-out text that confirms your contention. In most cases, students make a mistake at this point of the essay and end up failing to make sense of the prompt since the audience cannot clearly understand their position. A great contention will be able to form great points for discussion, which will be detailed in your topic sentence.

Great topic sentence

Once you have identified your position, you need to identify the points that you will make in your body paragraphs and come up with an incredible topic sentence. This are simply the sentences that will offer an outline of the content that you will be presenting to your audience in the body paragraphs. This sentence should provide an idea in detail from your contention. This sentence should always indicate the matter that you will discuss in your paragraphs and should still stern from your assertion. You shuls also make sure that the sentence is not character-based but focusses on the themes that the characters will be used to explore. Although this may seem difficult to understand, the key to attaining success at this point of your essay is to adhere to your given prompt/instructions and create a good relationship between material presented to you, your opinion, and topic sentences that are supposed to headline your evidence and justification. The stance that you take should always be guided by the prompt. The topic sentences, on the other hand, are meant to help you develop a great discussion that follows the contention as per the provided promptly.

Support your contention using ideas, arguments, and evidence

This part of the paper makes the difference between a good essay and a poorly written paper. The audience is never easily convinced, and you need to understand this even as you make your claims. Always ensure that you offer evidence to prove your arguments no matter the type of essay that you are writing. After making your contention, draw the audience to your side by giving interesting ideas and arguments and then giving valid evidence. In academic papers, evidence can be anything from paraphrases, quotations, real-life examples, and citations. When you offer evidence, you give the audience facts that are supposed to help you convince them that your contention is the best when it comes to a particular topic or issue of interest. Essays that lack evidence simply show the audience that you never took your time to conduct sufficient research and that you do not have the information to back up your claims. You may also be accused of plagiarism in cases where you borrow ideas and fail to cite them correctly. Also, remember to use a plagiarism checker to ensure that your content is unique and supported by competent evidence.

A great structure

This part may seem quite apparent to the seasoned writer, but many people face challenges structuring their essays which in turn makes it difficult to understand for the audience. The basic essay structure is made up of the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. In the introductory part of your essay, you are supposed to bring into light the topic that you intend to discuss. Mention a few facts about the problem and indicate the position that you are going to take as you write the essay. It is always essential to include a good thesis statement in this part of your essay since it will act as a roadmap that will guide you through the entire essay writing process. In this part, you just need to create a proper sentence that summarises everything that you will try and achieve in your paper. I the body paragraph, you will work towards presenting your ideas and providing evidence that clearly helps to defend the thesis statement. After you are done with creating all the points, you will then need to come up with a great conclusion that either reiterates your introduction or identifies all the key points as mentioned in your paper. You should, however, never introduce new points in the conclusion.

A reference list

Great essays are backed up by good evidence. Remember that as you write your essay, you will need to generate references, for example, using the bibliography generator according to the requested format. In most cases, you will need to generate the citations using either APA, MLA, Harvard or any other citation format as per the provided requirements. For each citation that you create in-text, you will need to generate the full reference for your bibliography. Once all this is done, you will need to insert the complete reference list at the end of your paper. This section is essential since it offers the reader the chance to verify information as they read the paper since they can follow links in the references to find the original page where you got your information. The full reference list also shows your ability to conduct proper research and find reliable sources of evidence for your paper. Failing to include this list simply indicates that you did not conduct adequate research and that you may have simply lifted content from elsewhere and passed it off as your own.

Take away points for success

There are a few things that you need to understand if you always want to write good essays. First and foremost, plagiarism is totally intolerable in the world of academia, and you should use proper tools such as the Peachy Essay free plagiarism checker to ensure that your paper is unique. Secondly, you always need to answer the essay questions directly and meet the assignment criteria if you want to score good grades. Thirdly, you need to provide your position on a topic and show a clear understanding of it. You also need to discuss and analyse sources of information using a required formatting style which will be assessed in your work. Lastly, you need to plan your essays in order to ensure that they are easy to read and logically sequence them with a unique introduction, body and conclusion. In some circumstances, you also need to make sure that you adhere to the word limit.

Essay writing is considered difficult by many learners, especially at the tertiary level of education. Following the above-given points and ensuring that you capture the elements given will significantly improve your essays and help you to attain better grades. Practice and patience are crucial virtues, especially at the higher levels of education, and you need to feel encouraged that you can achieve success.


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