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Say It With A Video: How Video Marketing Influences Different Industries

iCrowdNewswire   Jul 13, 2020  4:32 PM ET

Content marketing now has a new face in the form of video marketing. Youtube has created many celebrities, right from fashionistas to singers to acting stars. It had been one of the largest platforms for the masses to express their talents. But in recent years, Youtube is extensively used not only for entertainment videos but also for posting marketing videos.

Youtube is becoming one of the largest platforms for businesses and enterprises to appeal to the needs of their customers in the form of video marketing. Businesses very well understand the significance of great storytelling for brand recall and brand recognition.

Video marketing is primarily used for humanizing brands.  Businesses can directly connect to their customers through video marketing as it creates trust and authenticity in consumers’ minds. More and more brands have integrated videos as part of their digital marketing strategy. 83% of digital marketers believe that a video is an essential tool for digital marketing. The reason is simple. The percentage of people consuming content in the form of videos has increased considerably in recent years.  It will continuously increase in the coming years.

Almost all the industries are finding video as a means to achieve their marketing goals and tell their brand story to the audience in an easy snackable way.

There are many online editors like Video Creek available to help brands make their videos for excellent storytelling.

Let us see how different industries tell their story through video marketing:

Healthcare Industry

 In the times of COVID-19, consumers demand healthcare.Video marketing has become one of the most effective ways and means by which doctors communicate with their patients. Patients can check out reviews about a hospital they are considering to get the treatment done or explore the profile of the medical practitioner they are trying to seek help from.

If a patient has to undergo any medical procedure or surgery, then the doctor can take the help of animated videos to explain the procedure to the patient and calm his/her fear. Even different kinds of medical conditions could also be explained through videos for education and prior information. Youtube video editors are useful to make video marketing content. You can learn how to edit videos for Youtube.

Manufacturing Industry

 Manufacturing is one of the sectors where videos are widely used for devising an effective marketing strategy. Manufacturing has a highly competitive landscape.  Marketing through videos is the best way to create brand differentiation, drive the value proposition of products, and develop a consumer connection.


 Financial management is a sensitive subject.  Most customers are very apprehensive about taking a risk with their hard-earned money. In such a scenario, fostering a sense of security and trust in their customers becomes imminent for financial institutions. And what can be a better tool than video marketing for building a sense of confidence in consumers’ minds?

Banks and financial institutions can use videos for making customers aware of their products and services. Banks can set up videos for a virtual walkthrough of the most common transactions, like making deposits, setting up payments or for making them understand pros and cons of any product they are considering to invest in. This way, the institutions can save lots of working hours whenever a customer raises any query related to these. Also, customers or enterprises will feel comfortable while doing business with any big bank.

Real Estate

 The real estate industry has evolved to a great extent owing to digitization. However, it is still a quite saturated market space with many properties being listed or delisted frequently. This, sometimes, makes it quite tricky for property dealers to keep a check on or maintain their inventory for customers. Video marketing has emerged as a handy tool for these dealers for making portfolios that can give them a competitive edge.

Millennials constitute the most significant percentage of homebuyers at present. Real estate agencies can utilize videos for creating a virtual tour of their property.   Customers can visit it without even having to come and visit the site personally. The agencies can also prepare profiles of their agents in their teams.  Customers will be well informed about who is going to deal with them during the whole process of a property transaction.

Dealers can also make tutorials related to the whole process of property transaction like securing loans, rate of interest, etc. According to research, video listings of properties get much more traction than those listed without videos.


Online shopping trends are changing continuously. Now, in the COVID-19 situation, more and more customers have turned to online shopping to fulfil their needs. From being just an option earlier, online shopping has now become a necessity. Video marketing is one of the most potent ways for retailers and sellers to market their products online and reach their consumers.

Through product videos, customers will be getting a 360-degree view of the product they are planning to buy and will be able to make their decision faster. Some online shopping sites even use the ‘Try it on’ feature in their videos so that customers can get a real-time experience of how a product will look on them, primarily fashion related.

Travel Industry

 Customers can get an online virtual tour of the hotels before booking while planning a holiday. Video marketing is used as a tool by the majority of restaurants and people in the food business for attracting customers and visually communicating with them about ambience or location.


 Video marketing is an exciting and engaging way to address customers’ queries, give them support, and convert leads into customers. Various online video editors have become essential tools for storytelling and brand promotion. Going forward, many more other industries also will likely indulge in videos for branding, attain their marketing goals and extend customer support.


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