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Treated Cement Floors Can Save Residents A Fortune After A Basement Flood

iCrowdNewswire   Jul 3, 20209:58 AM ET

Treated Cement Floors Can Save Residents A Fortune After A Basement Flood

If your basement has ever flooded then you already know how much of a hassle and expense it is to clean up the mess. From ruined carpeting and furniture to developing mold and untreatable moisture issues, flooding can cause real damage to your home.

If you live in an area that is prone to seasonal flooding, you are likely looking for a more practical flooring solution for your basement that can withstand a lot of wear. One of the easiest solutions is to utilize your existing concrete floors instead of trying to cover them up.

Treated concrete floors need not be cold and unattractive and can actually make quite a statement when done properly. If you are looking for a way to waterproof your basement or to minimize the possibility of flood damage in your basement, you can’t go wrong with a treated cement floor. Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits of treated cement flooring.


Cement flooring is as tough a surface as you could want in your home. Rec room basement floors often take a beating with a ton of traffic so, treated cement floors are perfect for the job. They are highly stain-resistant and also highly durable to impact damage. You won’t have to worry about cracking or chipping if you drop a tool or a glass while enjoying your basement with friends and family.

Mold Resistant

When homes are constructed, your basement cement is poured on top of a highly dense plastic vapor barrier to help keep moisture from getting into your foundation. This can give your cement floor the ability to repel moisture and resist bacteria from gathering and forming when there is excess water. Treated cement floors will keep water from penetrating the concrete so that it is easier to mop up in case of flooding.

Decor Options

There is no need to have boring and unattractive cement basement flooring with all the new design and decor options. Acid washing treatments can help to add color pigmentation and texture to any plain cement flooring with a few simple steps.

You can also add color and texture mixtures to your original cement before it is poured for a unique touch. Or, try adding a stencil on top of your cement then adding a shiny epoxy sealant to really make your floors shine.

Easy To Clean

Cement basement floors are a dream to clean. Not only are they naturally stain resistant but, they are easy to clean with a vacuum or soft broom. To freshen them up once a month you can use a soft damp mop with your favorite cleaner.

Annual flooding is a reality for millions of homeowners across the country. Once you have had flood damage it can be a nightmare to repair the damage and keep moisture damage at bay. To give your basement floor a unique and protective finish, consider working with your original cement floors to help you stay dry, create a custom look and prevent expensive flood damage.


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