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Jun 28, 2020 7:18 AM ET

GTA Online: How to make money in the game

GTA Online: How to make money in the game

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 28, 2020
(picture credits: thegamer)
(picture credits: thegamer)

Back at the time of its release, many players were excited to dive into GTA Online as it was a hotly anticipated title from Rockstar. However, none could have predicted the kind of success GTA Online would become as the player base grew with each update to the game.

Rockstar Games have done a brilliant job of creating a steady stream of content being added to the game periodically. The game has proved to be extremely successful, and its core gameplay loop rarely ever gets boring.

Success in GTA Online means having the most amount of money to splash around, owning several properties, cars, and growing your criminal empire.

The game gives you plenty of options to make GTA$ and RP (GTA$ is Money, and you require RP to rank up). The game gives the player enough ways to make money, and fast.

While you can always play Jobs regularly to get a steady amount of income, there are several other ways by which you can make money. Buying Shark Cards will quickly put money straight into your GTA Online account, but spending real-life cash isn’t the only way to make money.

Here are several ways that you can make money in GTA Online.

How to make more money in GTA Online?

1) Heists


Heists were added to the game in 2015, and have been one of the most enjoyable game modes to play in GTA Online. They are some of the most exciting missions and are extremely fun with friends.

You can even replay Heists if you and your friends own a high-end apartment where you can all begin the Heist as the leader. Replaying Heists on greater difficulties results in bigger payouts.

You can find particular Heists that you and your friends are good at. You can then grind to make the most amount of money from the Heist.

2) Gunrunning and MC

Having your own Motorcycle Club in the game isn’t just one of the coolest elements in the game, but also one that can make you a lot of money.

Gunrunning allows you to make money passively, at about $80,000 per hour and is a great way to add to your income. Buying supplies for your business to turn them into product and sell is the fastest way to make money in Gunrunning.

In order to get profits, you will need to complete missions to sell off your products. Doing these missions Solo is also a good call if you don’t allow your stock to be held on for long.

3) Put your money in a bank after a Job

This is more a way to protect your money, rather than making more. This becomes extremely important as players will go around in Freemode, looting other players for their money quite frequently.

Pull up your phone, select Money and Services, and then put all your money from your wallet into your Maze Bank Account. This is extremely important so as you do not lose the money you’ve made from a Job or Heist.

4) Sell Cars

Owning the best-looking and fastest cars can be fun in GTA Online, but owning cars that sell well is extremely important. In GTA Online, you can look for cars in Freemode that have an excellent resale value and sell them at a mod shop.

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