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Bawo Veritas Daibo Explains Benefits of Living in the Garden State

iCrowdNewswire   May 14, 2020  3:00 PM ET

New Jersey resident Bawo Veritas Daibo recently released his top four reasons why everyone should consider living in the garden state. 

HILLSIDE, NEW JERSEY / ACCESSWIRE / MAY 14, 2020 / Bawo Veritas Daibo, a resident of the state of New Jersey, recently released his top reasons why the Garden State is one of the best places in the country to call home. Bawo Veritas Daibo named diversity and proximity to New York City some of his top reasons.

Bawo Daibo Veritas

“The diversity in New Jersey is much of what makes this state so special,” Bawo Veritas Daibo says. “It doesn’t matter where you’re from, the people of this great state will welcome you with open arms.”

It’s true. Many New Jersey residents state diversity as a reason they love calling the state home. The melting pot of New York City tends to trick down in New Jersey, which is likely why Jersey City was recently named the second-most diverse city in the country. A diverse collection of people means diverse foods, cultures, religions and other benefits enjoyed among all citizens. 

Bawo Daibo, New Jersey is an Ideal Place for Adventure

Bawo Veritas Daibo also states that New Jersey is an ideal place for adventure, whether city- or outdoor-based. People can go surfing along the coast, hiking in the mountains, shopping in the city, and enjoy countless other adventures wherever they live. 

“New Jersey is as diverse in outdoor adventures as it is in people,” Bawo Veritas Daibo says. “Best of all, our state is small, so these adventures are all relatively easy to access, whether you live on the coast, in the city, or in the countryside.”

This leads to another reason why Bawo Veritas Daibo says he loves the Garden State. The state as a whole tends to be much healthier than others, with obesity rates lower than almost every other state. The life expectancy in New Jersey is among the top 10 in the U.S., as well. 

“Another major reason why people should feel confident moving here to New Jersey is that our education system is incredible,” Bawo Veritas Daibo says. “Our public schools are continuously ranked among the top in the nation, and we’re home to a number of the country’s best high schools and colleges.”

Bawo Daibo, New Jersey is known for its School Systems

Bawo Veritas Daibo explains that people can feel good about a move to New Jersey, because they may enjoy superior health, more exciting outdoor adventures, an interesting mix of cultures, and a public school system they can trust. 

“When you make a move, there’s no doubt you consider how each and every member of your family will benefit,” Bawo Daibo says. “In New Jersey, parents benefit from the state’s inclusiveness, kids benefit from schooling, and the entire family benefits from superior health and exciting adventures.”

To residents like Bawo Veritas Daibo, living in New Jersey is ideal. They hope more people will begin to notice all the Garden State has to offer in 2020, and the coming years.

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