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Huntsville ISD Bus With Football Team Crashes

Huntsville ISD Bus W

iCrowdNewswire   Apr 10, 2020  1:00 PM ET

Twenty-three passengers onboard a Huntsville ISD bus were hospitalized on October 10th, 2019 following a crash. According to Texas Department of Public Safety, the bus rolled over in North Montgomery County, Texas and did not have passenger seat belts.

Ten students on the bus and the driver were rushed to an area hospital in serious conditions. The remaining students were driven to the hospital in another bus for evaluation and precaution.

Entire Football Team Gets Injured

Deputies on the scene reported that students from the Montgomery High School football team were being taken to a Freshman game when the bus crash took place. The bus accident took place on the FM 1791 near Taliaferro Road.

All parents of the injured students were immediately notified by Huntsville ISD officials when they learned about the accident. Apart from the students, there were three adults on the bus as well. There are no life-threatening injuries reported.

All the injured were taken to Conroe Regional Hospital in Conroe, Texas.

Bus Rolls Over

Eyewitnesses report that the bus careened off the roadway and rolled over when the bus driver tried to overcorrect. There were no other vehicles involved in the accident which took place near Grimes County and Montgomery County line east of Richards.

Battalion Chief Rusty Griffith with the Montgomery Fire Department said that when fire units responded to the accident, they saw the bus lying on its side with the roof facing southward.

Huntsville ISD officials came quickly to the scene and escorted the team transporting the bus to Conroe Regional.

Buses Fall Under Common Carrier Law in Texas

Thousands of people are transported by buses every single day in Texas. They are large in size and can be difficult to navigate as compared to other vehicles. If bus companies and drivers fail to remain careful and vigilant, it could result in disastrous accidents. Victims should not delay getting in touch with well-qualified passenger bus accident attorney to achieve maximum compensation.

Buses are classified as common carriers by Texas law. This refers to vehicles that transport people in exchange for compensation. Common carrier law states that bus drivers, companies, and other employers need to maintain a heightened duty of care. This makes it easier for victims to recover compensation from drivers, companies, and other employers when rightfully injured in a bus crash.

However, it can get tricky to prove that the bus driver or another responsible party did not exercise due care. This is where passenger bus accident lawyers can come in helpful. They can navigate a lawsuit and hold the responsible parties liable.

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