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Mar 16, 2020 9:00 PM ET

St. Petersburg, Florida, Senior Divorces His 26-Year-Old Wife After She Allegedly Attempts to Steal $1,000,000 From His Account

iCrowd Newswire - Mar 16, 2020

A married couple can agree to divorce each other when they feel like they are no longer compatible, and they have made every effort to try and make their marriage work. They may conclude permanent separation after facing any number of challenges, such as infidelity, mental and physical abuse, or even because they discovered unnerving facts about the person whom they thought they knew so well. That’s exactly what happened with a 77-year old businessman in Florida.

Richard Rappaport, who is a 77-year-old man, filed for divorce from his wife, Lin Halfon, who was only 26 years old. He filed for divorce because he discovered his wife tried to cash $1,000,000 from his bank account. The couple had only been married for under 5 months. Lin Halfon has been imprisoned in County jail for a month as she faces charges of exploiting the elderly, money laundering, and fraud.

Rappaport had been manipulated but he wanted to give his new wife the benefit of the doubt and he said he did not want her to be deported to Israel, where she originally came from. Despite the fact she probably just married him to take his money, he still wished good for her but when he was asked if he felt like he had been a victim of fraud, he applied in the affirmative. His family members and daughter also believe that he was being conned.

His wife, however, has decided to plead not guilty for all the charges being laid against her.

What should I do if my spouse tries to steal from me?

If a spouse decides to pull money out a person’s account without their permission, steals their online banking information, or forges a check on their behalf, it is a good idea to get in touch with a qualified attorney to see if legal action is required. If a person decides they want to leave their spouse due to their untrustworthy actions, a divorce attorney can walk them through the entire process and help them split their assets and liabilities in a way that benefits them appropriately.

Before getting married, it is always a smart idea to enter the marriage with a prenuptial agreement to protect one’s assets. However, if there was no prenup then an attorney can help a person defend their right to keep the assets they worked so hard to earn and build up over the years.

If there are children involved in the marriage, then arranging for their living accommodations and deciding how the kids will be raised, who will raise them, and where they will reside can be difficult on one’s own and it is often not possible for the previously married couple to come to a reasonable agreement on their own. An attorney can help mediate between the two parties and help them come up with a parenting schedule to ensure no injustice is done on any member of the family.



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