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Mar 16, 2020 9:00 PM ET


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The general public relies on police officers to help protect them and keep the streets as safe as possible. However, sometimes it is the officer who creates the danger themselves. Individuals who are treated poorly by officers need to understand they have certain rights and those rights deserve to be honored. Many individuals fear taking legal action against an officer or even filing a complaint against an officer because they hold a lot of authority. However, no one should hesitate when calling a police brutality attorney because it is their right to be treated fairly, even by individuals who have authority.

The first right every person has when confronted by an officer is the right to remain silent. Every person has the right to remain silent and they are not entitled to answer an officer’s question on the spot. If they want to exercise this right, they should voice it out loud, so the officer knows a person is aware of their right and that is why they are not responding.

A person also has the right to refuse consent to search oneself, their vehicle or their home. However, there are exceptions to the rule. For instance, if an officer knows a person has a weapon or a dangerous weapon because they saw it with their own eyes, they can confiscate it. However, if a person is innocent and the officer could not have possibly seen something of this nature, they can exercise their right to refuse consent.

If a person is not being arrested, they should ask the officer if they are being detained. If the officer says no they are not being detained they can calmly leave the scene. Officers are not allowed to detain an individual unless they have a very strong reason to do so. A person should always make sure to ask the question of detainment because even if they get arrested, they can use that in their testimony later to prove that the officer had violated their rights.

So many people comply with everything an officer tells them to do because they are scared by their authority. Though it is very important to respect the officer and respond to them positively, a person does not have to give more information than necessary because this often leads to unnecessary legal complications.

How should I respond if I am pulled over by an officer?

Anyone who is in their car when an officer pulls them over should stop their car immediately and pull over to the nearest safe place to stop. A person should then show their driver’s license, insurance, and proof of registration upon request to the officer. A person can refuse consent to have their vehicle searched, but if officers believe a person was involved in a crime then this consent will be overlooked, and they will search the vehicle.

If a person believes their rights have been violated by an officer, they should connect with a police brutality attorney to get an update on the options they have to hold the officer to account for the misbehavior they displayed.

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