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Mar 11, 2020 3:40 PM ET

WareApp | Next Generation Fashion Influencing Next Generation Fashion Influencing

WareApp | Next Generation Fashion Influencing Next Generation Fashion Influencing

iCrowd Newswire - Mar 11, 2020


WareApp is a social-commerce fashion app that enables users to discover and purchase the most fashionable clothing via interactive visual content. 

Some facts about the industry that you did not know:

– Brands are expected to spend around $15B on influencer marketing by 2022. Up from as much as $8B in 2019. Fashion brands are expected to spend a big part of that amount.

– Fashion content creator finds it hard to monetize their content. Only a small part of influencers already have paid-partnerships in place, thus for the remaining talented content creators, it is difficult to monetize their content.

–  That is why WareApp is here to democratize the fashion influencing industry and give the opportunity to talented influencers unleash their creativity and provide top quality interactive fashion content!

 Our algorithms will help to provide you with the best interactive visual content that fits your fashion preferences. You won’t have to scroll through all google search static ads or search on Instagram feed for inspiration to just find out what trendy clothes to buy for your Friday night out.  Simply log in to WareApp and we will give you the most trendy suggestions to have a stunning outfit and order it straight from the app! 

Yes, you read it right! WareApp empowers everyone to create high-quality fashion visual content and monetize it! You will have access to the latest fashion clothes from top fashion brands and tag them onto your content. Whenever your followers buy that item you will get paid! As simple as that!  

  We give you a unique opportunity to get dress-up recommendations from the most trendy fashion influencers and get the products hand-picked and delivered to you. This unique experience will help you to keep up with the fashion trends and share your unique outfits with the community members and everyone else!

  WareApp is here to reimagine how we shop and discover our clothing on the internet. Our product team is refining the prototype (i.e., working out user interface and user experience) while our marketing team has just begun getting the word out.

We came to Kickstarter first for two reasons: 1) to raise money to help us launch the Beta version of the app and implement machine learning and AI algorithms to provide suggestions and make the visual content interactive 2) to engage with a fashion-driven and tech-forward community to help us chart our course. 

Project budget

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Risks and challenges

The thing with risks is if you don’t ever take one, you’ll never know what could have been. This project is certainly a risk in regard to time, money, and energy, but we believe it’s one well-worth taking. This is a project we’re very passionate about. We believe WareApp should exist, and help to democratize the fashion influencing marketing. Allowing everyone to build up a career in fashion! If we don’t meet our minimum raise, it will be next-to-impossible to launch a Beta version of WareApp in May/June of this year, but we won’t let this project die. We will find another way to get it out there, even if it takes six months to a year longer to launch.

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