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Trenton Ohio man is killed during a multiple car accident

Trenton Ohio man is

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 9, 20204:00 PM ET

Accidents involving multiple cars have the potential to cause serious damage and severely injure anyone affected. The civil law provides a number of doctrines that help lawyers and the court system determine financial remedies for those affected.

A man from Trenton, Ohio was involved in a fatal accident with a prominent local leader in Butler County.


Multiple car crash takes the life of local elderly man

Police initially received a call to respond to a three vehicle crash in the Lemon Township area. They went to the intersections of Oxford State Road and Radabaugh Road at about 5:30 pm. They believe that a 36 year old male driving a pickup truck went left of the center yellow line while on Ohio Route 73. His vehicle went head on into the victim’s car going in the opposite direction. The victim’s vehicle turned sideways and was hit a second time by another car driven by a 39 year old female.

The 70 year old victim was known as a long time employee of a local bank and organizer of the popular sauerkraut festival, as well as other events. The Butler County Coroner’s Office confirmed his death and identity shortly after the collision. A 69 year old female in his passenger seat needed to be airlifted to Miami Valley Hospital for treatment. The drivers of the other two vehicles involved also needed to be taken to local hospitals for treatment.

The Butler County Sheriff plans on conducting a full accident investigation to determine the cause of the situation and find out why the pickup truck driver initially crossed the line. There was no information regarding whether he would be charged criminally or given any traffic citations.


How will fault be determined when several cars are involved in an accident?

Many lawsuits brought after car accidents are governed by the state’s negligence laws. Ohio uses a modern form of negligence that allows fault to be divided between all drivers involved to equal one hundred percent. This is called comparative negligence, and the same rules are used in some other states as well. The division of fault and damages can become complex if several cars are involved, and the calculation of damages is also affected when money needs to be divided based on the plaintiff’s level of fault.

Drivers who are found to be mostly at fault may not be able to recover any damages at all, so it is important to discuss your case with a local lawyer.


An accident lawsuit is the best way to pay for losses

There are local attorneys in Trenton and other parts of Ohio who are experienced in dealing with motor vehicle accident cases. Kruger and Hodges Attorneys at Law can assist you with the process of receiving compensation from the person or business responsible for your injuries.

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