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Miami truck driver was nearly killed in a fire on Interstate 95

Miami truck driver w

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 6, 2020  12:00 PM ET

Miami, FL – A truck went on fire on Interstate 95 in Miami Dade County and the driver stuck inside had to be rescued by a good samaritan nearby.

The incident happened on I 95 in the northbound lanes just before the Dolphin Expressway exit.


Pickup truck driver almost gets stuck while his vehicle burns

The victim was driving a pickup truck for his business when it hit an SUV during a traffic jam in the area. Shortly after the initial collision, the truck driver’s vehicle burst into flames. A witness in the area came to assist when he realized someone might be trapped inside, but the victim was yelling that he was stuck and could not get out of the vehicle. After a brief struggle, a window was kicked out by the men, and he was able to be removed with the help of two others nearby. They also tried to record the incident on their cellphones. The video from the scene showed the entire undercarriage of the truck engulfed in flames as the victim tries to climb out of the window.

The victim from the burning vehicle was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment. He seemed to be alert, but he sustained some burn injuries on his legs during the accident. The man who helped him was interviewed by the local news afterward. He claims that he was merely trying to do the right thing when he saw the accident scene.


Accidents that involve work trucks

Work related injuries can implicate some different rules for truck accident lawsuits. The employer may be sued in addition to other parties. If someone is injured by a truck driver, they can also hold the driver’s employer responsible for the accident as long as the worker was in the process of handling work related duties.


Remedies beyond the insurance process

Many of these personal injury cases involve establishing fault for one driver and taking legal action or filing insurance claims. As a general rule, it is always best to talk to a lawyer after a severe accident, as the insurance process may be insufficient to cover all costs related to missed time from work, medical treatment, and lost wages. Some employers may even have additional types of business or workers compensation insurance to cover costs associated with hurt workers and lost wages.


Learn more about how you can get help after a truck crash in Miami

There are local attorneys in South Florida who help people that have been injured during a truck accident while working or driving. Orlando R. Murillo can provide more information during an initial consultation. is a directory meant to help people who need immediate legal representation. Listings of lawyers in every state divided by practice area are available.

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