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Houma truck worker is killed by another driver while on the highway

Houma truck worker i

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 5, 20205:00 PM ET

A significant number of trucks on the roads are used for business purposes. After a truck accident, an injured worker has a number of options available, including a civil lawsuit.

A middle aged man from Houma was killed in an accident involving his garbage truck.


45 year old garbage truck worker dies on the road

Based on their findings at the scene, the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office believes that a 26 year old male was driving a Toyota Tundra pickup truck on Louisiana Highway 24 North in the left lane. As he proceeded on this road, there was a large garbage truck parked partially on the left shoulder with a worker on the right side operating controls for the vehicle. The Tundra driver collided with the garbage truck and the man standing at its side. The collision happened near the Technology Boulevard intersection, in the neighborhood of Gray just outside of Houma. The worker sustained serious injuries and he was pronounced dead a short time later by the Terrebonne Parish Coroner’s Office. Both the drivers of pickup truck and garbage truck were wearing their seatbelts and were unharmed during the impact. The local police plan to conduct a full investigation of the fatal accident.


Truck drivers who are injured on the job

Because many trucks are used for commercial purposes, it is common for workers to sustain injuries from accidents while they are working. In these situations, either the employer, the driver at fault, or both parties can become a source of revenue for the victim. An experienced lawyer can talk to victims about the possibility of personal injury lawsuits, workers compensation claims, and other remedies.


Accidents that result in death

If the accident is fatal as in the news story above, the victim’s family can still file a lawsuit under Louisiana’s wrongful death statute. Because these cases have slightly different rules, it is important to have an attorney discuss lawsuits related to deadly accidents.


Determining the cause of an accident and establishing fault

The police investigation that was mentioned at the end of the news report is important for a number of reasons. Drivers are required to contact their insurance company after any collision. This report is almost always the most important piece of evidence for an insurance company. The initial observations and opinions of officers on the scene, which are contained in the report, are also a significant piece of evidence for a lawyer who wants to assist their client by determining fault and causation in a negligence lawsuit. This report and other related documentation may assist clients during their case for an appropriate amount of compensation.


Speak with an experienced local attorney

There are attorneys who routinely deal with truck accidents and related lawsuits in Houma and nearby parts of Louisiana. Contact The Doyle Law Firm to get more information.

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