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Feb 28, 2020 12:00 PM ET

San Diego woman was arrested during a severe health problem and died days later. Are the police responsible for her death?

San Diego woman was

iCrowd Newswire - Feb 28, 2020

A wrongful death lawsuit related to a woman’s false arrest has been filed in San Diego. Police accused her of being drunk and arrested her instead of providing medical help as asked.


Woman is arrested while she was having a stroke and dies shortly afterward

The incident began when the victim was sitting in her car along Highway 101 in Oceanside. She was waiting there to meet someone, but suddenly started to feel very ill. A witness saw her get out of the car and collapse and called the local police to assist. However, she was not treated for her medical condition.

A female officer arrived on the scene and immediately started to pull on her arms and said she was going to arrest her for being intoxicated. She remembers being arrested even after pleading with the officer that she needed medical attention. Her memory goes blank for several hours after she passed out. She woke up a while later on the floor of a jail cell with bruising on her body.

After she was let out of jail, she immediately went to a local hospital and remained in the ICU for days to be treated for stroke symptoms and brain bleeding. In the months following her release she died of health complications.

She had initially filed a false arrest lawsuit, but because she died before the case was heard by a judge, her family amended the claim and brought an additional wrongful death claim. Her three children are now seeking millions of dollars worth of damages from San Diego County and Oceanside. 

The assistant city attorney assigned to the case said she believes that the officers on the scene and medical personnel acted appropriately based on the situation, and that they were not the cause of the victim’s death.


False arrests and police brutality

False arrests are a common form of police misconduct. This is often done to justify an officer abusing their authority without a legitimate law enforcement purpose. Officers will sometimes beat a suspect during a false arrest and charge them with an additional resisting arrest crime to create a situation where it appears that a problematic suspect is responsible for their own injuries and the use of force.

Police brutality lawyers help clients with the process of bringing a lawsuit related to violations of civil rights. These cases help victims get payment for injuries and other losses. In fatal cases, the victim’s family may receive larger amounts due to lost earning potential and emotional trauma and suffering.


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