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Feb 18, 2020 10:28 AM ET

5 Tips To Keep You Ahead In The Digital Advertising Game

iCrowd Newswire - Feb 18, 2020

Every passing year brings with it new technology, new ways to advertise and a different set of challenges to navigate. The advertising tools that were used twenty years ago no longer make the cut as we embrace the digital age.

These rapid changes can often mean it is difficult to keep up and make sure advertising campaigns are kept fresh and relevant and that they still work for each and every client. Here are five handy tips to keep you ahead in the digital advertising game.

  1. Stay Alert, Informed and Curious

We learn more when we’re interested and engaged. Moreover, we’re more likely to take on board and retain new information if it’s something that piques our curiosity. Whatever the advertising project you’re involved in, find the one part of it that grabs you and dig as deep as you can to get to the heart of it.

Curiosity can become a habit. We learn to seek out information, to ask questions and problem solve from lots of angles in this way. It teaches us to be more alert, informed, and in tune with whatever it is we’re working on.

  1. Emulate…Don’t Innovate?

There’s a popular saying that says “great artists steal, while good artists simply copy”. Take this to the heart of your advertising campaigns. Look at what works with other brands and their advertising.

Find out why it works and then seek to replicate and improve on it with every project you take on. Professional digital advertising experts like DIY Digital Strategy will always advise finding a good, unique formula for each advertising campaign and monitoring every step of the way to make sure it’s achieving the results you need it to.

  1. Check Your Mistakes and Learn From Them

Our brains are wired to look at the decisions other people make and react accordingly to whether they’re good or bad. The notion of schadenfreude, that is to say the pleasure of watching others fail, isn’t a pretty human emotion, but it’s one we can use to our advantage when it comes to advertising. Seeking to understand why something failed when someone else tried it can help us understand how not to make the same mistakes ourselves. Similarly, when we make mistakes, we can grow and learn as we analyze what went wrong.

  1. Stay Fresh and Relevant

Always stay abreast of relevant developments in the industry. They’re critical to help you grow and learn. If you feel as though you’ve learned enough for one week, then you haven’t! Never stop being inquisitive or wanting to challenge thinking of your own. It’s one way to stay fresh and relevant in an industry that can occasionally feel a little jaded.

  1. Look Around You…

Finally, always look around you to see what’s happening. Ideas and creativity can be sparked at times when you least expect it. When you’re doing a little window shopping on the web, for instance, you can often see the successes and failures of other companies who have tried to adapt and innovate. Take note of what worked (and what didn’t) and never be afraid to bring this to the table when thinking about your own campaigns. They could be the key to making them a real success.



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